fridays with oscar

  1. mississippian says:

    Love the jean dress and am looking for one like it. Sadly, it is no longer available. I have those cute flowered pants. Love how you style them with the graphic T-shirt!

  2. world citizen says:

    Beth, a photo of you is featured in a Southern Living e-mail I got about beautiful grey hairstyles! This is not a photo of me with the comment, it just popped up. Judith

  3. allison estes says:

    I enjoy following you, but I have to confess, it really was because of Oscar & Ollie!

  4. Sue Smith says:

    Looks like a real heatwave is on its way for almost all of us over the next week. You and Oscar are smart to get your walk out of the way between raindrops–and you did get some storms, didn’t you! You both look terrific, and Ollie looks happy to be waiting on your return home. Have a great weekend!

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