5 classic winter staples

  1. I love your hair. Looks like u got a new cut. Flattering!
    Cute outfit. Isn’t it amazing how red can kick winter doldrums to the curb?
    Love love Talbots jeans. They’re my go-to.
    Nice post. Have an awesome day!

    • Beth Djalali says:

      nope, the haircut is from last year when the post was originally published. we dust them off from time to time. but you can’t beat a pair of blue jeans from Talbots!

  2. Carme says:

    Que guapa estas Beth,estoy encantada con tus publicaciones,y tu manera y estilo de vestir,gracias,por darme ideas ya soy mayor ,pero me encanta,…..un cordial saludo

  3. Suzanne Smith says:

    What a great true red! Looks bright and colorful. I remember the year those boots came out at Talbots and I almost purchased them but decided I didn’t need them. I liked them a lot. They’re tried and true. I’m very good about always wearing sunglasses–my eyes tend to be very sensitive to light so I always wear them out–I really need them. My boyfriend never ever wears them. (I also worry about macular degeneration.) Nice combination here. Happy almost-Friday!

  4. Betty (SC) says:

    Beth, you are rocking that red turtleneck, metallic puffer vest, skinny jeans & boots! Love the outfit!

  5. Quietgirl says:

    Maybe you can do a post with a puffer vest and skirt! I would like to see that.

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