black watch plaid

  1. Jackie says:

    might I be so bold to ask how warm is a tissue polo? Even though we live in the sub tropics there are a couple of weeks in Winter this year when I wore my cashmere polo neck and a coat. Weird I know. Just wondering if they may fit the bill and likely to pop over to get a couple. Black watch by the way is just delightful and for me is a break between all black or navy for meetings. Looks like Talbots have done a nice job there

    • beth djalali says:

      hi jackie! apologies for the tardy response. this time of year gets tricky for me to stay abreast with all things connected with the blog. but a tissue turtleneck is very lightweight and thin. more along the lines of a t-shirt so it’s a great alternative to a sweater. hope this helps! xo

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