5 Outdated Style Rules You Need to Break

  1. Dottie says:

    Tried as hard as I could but no white for me after Labor Day! Ha! Guess I’ll always be that southern girl where certain rules are ingrained!

  2. I like bold colors, so I have no problem with this
    look. I sometimes wear white in the winter, like winter white or off white, but you are right some women over 50 have a real issue of white after Labor Day?? I have tried mixing patterns before, and I have a harder time with this look. I will continue to try it now and again, as I think it can be fun! Some women can carry it off better than others.

  3. Pegg Pavlock says:

    Thanks for nudging me out of my comfort zone! Since you posted striped tees , I remember a former article about your favorite Breton. My favorites have changed the fabric. With summer coming ( eventually) , would you consider a repost?

  4. Robin Lawler Pavia says:

    Love these styles and bold colors ladies!

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