The Makeup Trend These Over-40 Celebrities Wore to the Oscars

  1. Deanna says:

    All these ladies are LOVELY!! And so are you! Thanks for digging up their makeup secrets. I’de like to try the Dior Forever Glow Star Filter Multi-Use Complexion Enhancing Booster, but only after you actually try it and report back to us if it’s worth the price. 🙂

  2. I thought this makeup looks really pretty especially the look on Emily Blunt.
    A question that I have always had, how do you wear bronzer? Is it over the blush or under the blush and with the even glow enhancer? Last thing you put on your face and Srouji tips?

    • Hey Sherry. I typically apply my bronzer first, so before blush and highlighter. I like to use it to warm up my complexion and do a little sculpting, then add the colorful blush on top. The lotion glow enhancer like I used here, was used more for illuminating my complexion, not adding warmth like the bronzer did. And I used it along with my foundation – all before the bronzer and blush. I hope this helps!

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