my skincare routine for mature skin

the past few weeks have been a doozy, to say the least. stress has crept into our lives whether we want it or not. there may be many things out of our control these days. but today let’s focus on what we can control. one way i like to de-stress is by pampering myself. self-care is so important and it doesn’t have to take up hours of your time. it’s good for us to put some effort into our skincare and with all that extra time at home, now’s as good a time as any to focus on a core routine.  so here’s my skincare routine for mature skin.

skincare routine for mature skin 

since i started the blog one of my favorite aspects is partnering with brands, testing new products, and sharing those discoveries with my readers.  but i do have to mention that i regularly swap products even three months or so. why? because our skin builds a tolerance to the brand formulas for specific products. every skincare brand has a patented formula with a mix of ingredients for each and every product they offer. skin is similar to exercise in the fact that your body builds a tolerance to a specific regimen. so i shake things up every few months even if i LOVE a specific product. 

the pink and the black


morning skincare routine

without further adieu, i’m sharing my all-star anti-aging skincare products for mature skin. both morning routine and evening routines are included. it’s important to pack in as much hydration and antioxidant action as i can.

in the morning i live to carve out time to massage my face with a opens in a new windowcleansing balm that gently cleanses without stripping my skin of its natural oils. two to five minutes is ideal but even if you have thirty seconds to glide the opens in a new windowbalm over your skin in an upward motion it will get the blood flowing. afterward, i take a cotton ball and apply a opens in a new windowtoner to my face. this wakes me up and my skin feels reinvigorated. then comes an opens in a new windoweye cream that keeps my fine wrinkles at bay. a opens in a new windowserum that contains a power punch of antioxidants is applied next. why? serums give your skin a firmer, smoother texture, make pores appear smaller, and increase moisture levels. once my opens in a new windowserum is patted on i slather on a opens in a new windowmoisturizer that hydrates my skin all day long. a opens in a new windowmoisturizer helps balance your skin’s complexion. last but not least is a opens in a new windowsunscreen.

that completes my day time anti-aging skincare routine. but from time-to-time, i love to add an additional step at the beginning. an opens in a new windowexfoliant works wonders because it removes dead skin cells uncovering the new skin cells which opens the way for moisturizing products. another product i use in the morning is a opens in a new windowmask that helps hydrate and improves the appearance of pores.

opens in a new windowColleen Rothschild Cleansing Balm |   opens in a new windowFresh Rose Hydrating Toner | opens in a new windowNeal’s Yard Remedies Lift Serum | opens in a new windowSulwahsoo Eye Cream | opens in a new windowFresh Rose Moisturizer | opens in a new windowLa Roche Posay Sunscreen | opens in a new windowBiossance Renewal Mask | opens in a new windowMalin+Goetz Clay Mask 


skincare, makeup and boosting your immune system

night time skin care routine

my nighttime skincare routine is all about removing my makeup and impurities that have built up during the day. typically i start off with a opens in a new windowcleansing oil but when i want an extra clean face i’ll use opens in a new windowglycolic pads which help my skin look polished. next, i use a opens in a new windowcleansing wipe to deliver a one-two punch for a clean face. a toner is next followed by a retinol serum recommended by my dermatologist. the serum is used three times a week. the days i’m not using my retinol a i apply a opens in a new windowvitamin c serum that brightens my face. my nighttime skincare routine typically stops there but for those of you who like to add a moisturizer look for one that hydrates. 

the extras are a weekly at-home opens in a new windowglycolic peel or a opens in a new windowhydrating facial mask. nothing beats a weekly pampering session especially when my monthly visit to my aesthetician has been canceled indefinitely.

skincare, makeup and boosting your immune system

opens in a new windowBiossance Cleansing Oil | opens in a new windowNeutrogena Cleansing Wipes | opens in a new windowFresh Toner | Retinol A Serum | opens in a new windowBiossance Vitamin C | opens in a new windowNeal’s Yard Remedies Frankincense Lift Moisturizer | opens in a new windowRe Vive Glycolic Renewal Peel | opens in a new windowMalin+Goetz Glycolic Pads | opens in a new windowFresh Rose Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask

paula's choice skincare resist anti-aging


one remaining thought: it’s never too late to start a skincare routine. i don’t care if you are in your seventies or eighties it’s never too late to add hydration and brightness to your skin. so go ahead and pamper yourself. you’ll feel so much better. i know i do.

happy cleansing, happy pampering, and happy Sunday!



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  1. MaryLynne wrote:

    Hi Beth
    Do you ever wash your face with water? I find it helps me wake up in the morning but I don’t know if there are any benefits to my face

    Posted 5.3.20
    • well, water is definitely good for our skin which is why we need to be drinking plenty of it each day. but just washing your face with water wouldn’t help with removing the impurities our skin builds up or sloughing off dead skin cells.

      Posted 5.4.20
  2. Diane Chapman wrote:

    Thank you so much for the information on nature skin care. I am always looking for ways to improve my routine.

    I have a question as to which lotion or product you use on the rest of your skin, I.e. arms and legs, etc. I would also like to know your opinion of Crepe Erase if you feel comfortable sharing. I have seen the recommendations but I’m in doubt about investing in it. Thank you for your time and your wonderful blog.
    Best, Diane

    Posted 5.3.20
    • there are so many great products that are available these days! i haven’t tried Crepe Erase but my daily body lotion is Jergens, or Eucerin.

      Posted 5.4.20
  3. cathy ogi wrote:

    I’m an American, living in Japan. so good to hear you use the word doozy. How long is it since I have heard or used that word. Originally from Kansas, yes Dorothy. Thanks for all your posts. Helps so much during this time.

    Posted 5.3.20
    • Kon’nichiwa. that’s great to hear! i ljust ove the older slang words that i grew up with. thanks so much for stopping by.

      Posted 5.4.20
      • cathy ogi wrote:

        I know you’ve said you lived overseas before. But how do you know some Japanese?

        Posted 5.4.20
  4. Deanna wrote:

    Thanks for the comprehensive list, Beth! Not sure I can afford to try them all, but I’m definitely interested in your suggestions. Have a great week!

    Posted 5.3.20
    • just try one new product. and go from there. there have been so many advances in skincare and there are so many great products to choose from. have a great week yourself!

      Posted 5.4.20
  5. Beth wrote:

    I like your blog but I was not really sure about the skin becoming resistant to products having a scientific basis and this is what I found amongst other professionals also saying that is not accurate Some women believe they need to change up their regimen every few months, in order to keep their skin-care products effective, but New York dermatologist Neal Schultz, MD, says this should not be necessary. “It’s very unusual for your skin to ‘get used to’ the beneficial effects of skin-care products,” he says. “When the active ingredients in your products are giving you the results and improvement you want, there’s no reason for the active ingredients in that product to stop giving you the same result. Unless, of course, the condition you’re treating changes.”

    Posted 5.4.20
    • this is where we will have to agree to disagree. and i am not suggesting to switch products daily – every three to six months. you would never be able to gauge the results. but there are many dermatologists who recommend changing products: Dr. Stevenson M.D. at NYU and Dr. Bergstrom at the University of Washington and a slew of others. It sounds as if Dr. Schultz would switch products “if the conditions you’re treating changes.” and that happens often whether the weather (my summer and winter regimens are different) aging, hormonal shifts, even a new workout routine. prescription options do take longer to work so, by all means, give it a chance to work. but just like penicillin, our bodies do build up a tolerance and the effectiveness lessens over time. and i know from personal experience that changing skincare products, experimenting with new ones has done a world of good. there have been so many amazing advances in the past five years alone.

      Posted 5.4.20
  6. Andrea wrote:

    Hi Beth, a question for you. I particularly like the lipstick you wore in the picture do you in the white blouse with the Large pink heart behind you in the background. Would it be possible to let me know brand and shade? Thanks in advance for your help if possible. Andrea

    Posted 5.9.20
  7. Pam wrote:

    I love your hair color and style. Can you tell me how you style it and with what products. I love the cut and it looks very classy and chic.


    Posted 5.24.20

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