the sunday brief | skincare, makeup, and hair care tips and tricks

today, back by popular demand is my skin care, hair care, and makeup tips and tricks.

my skin care regimen changes every so often as our skin begins to build a tolerance to specific products, so i switch things about every three months even if i LOVE a specific product. through the years i’ve run the gamut from drugstore steals to department store splurges. here are my favorites.

morning skincare: cleanser; drugstore steal; eye cream; drug store steal; sunscreen; moisturizer; drugstore steal


nighttime skincare: cleansing oil; towelettes; vitamin C oil; moisturizer; drugstore steal


many readers ask, “how i transitioned to gray hair?” well, i’ve had gray hair since the ripe old age of 17. if you read my About page here, you noticed a few gray strands in that painting age 32. through the years i more or less concealed rather than revealed the gray with highlights. about eight years ago, my minneapolis stylist suggested i let it go ‘au naturel,’ and that’s just what i did, never looking back. here’s a YouTube video about ‘all things gray.’


what products are used to keep the mop in tip-top condition?

daily: kerastase shampookerastase conditioner; twice a week i use a silver/blonde r+co shampoo; silver/blonde r+co conditioner;

daily styling products r+co pomade; r+co styling cream; weekly: kerastase deep conditioner


my makeup routine is very simple. it takes about 10 minutes to apply as i am a no fuss no muss kind of gal. there’s no contouring or fancy tricks. my mother warned to never leave the house without freshening my lipstick. and i’ve more or less done my best to stick to her sage advice. these are my daily go-to’s:

before my foundation, i use a primer as it allows the foundation to glide on smoothly and it helps to keep my makeup in place all day.  i switch between this tinted moisturizer bare radiance; bare minerals fairly medium (both are light and airy); if you like a heavier foundation i like diorskin forever 020; this summer i combine a dab of foundation a dab of tinted moisturizer and apply with a rotary powered gizmo BlendSmart for coverage without that made-up look.

concealer 0.5– i apply this after my foundation is in place and dab with my finger instead of a fancy brush. current eyeshadow palette; eyeliner; brow pencil taupe; mascara; blush; favorite lipsticks – nars, laura mercier, and dior. current shades in tutti frutti, lana, or darling


there you have it, ladies. skin, hair, and makeup from yours truly. happy sunday!

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