Makeup Tips for Looking Your Best in Photos 

  1. Darlene Devaney says:

    Which brown eyeliner pencil is Jennifer using in this post? It appears to goes on smoothly and easily which is hard to find. The brand was not listed in the products. Thanks!

  2. Mary says:

    The photo of you and your husband is precious! Thanks for sharing.
    The masks look like an option for botox – I am 72 and will try the product.

    • Shannon Oldberg says:

      Jennifer love all your tips! Shout out from LA!! Expecially appreciate all your common sense suggestions for drug store cosmetics and most savy makeup tricks! Carry on !!X

    • Hi Mary! I like to throw in some personal pics every now and then to show you some of the behind the scenes of my family that I love so much! So I’m glad to hear you like that too. Give masking a try – it will definitely be cheaper and less invasive than Botox!

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