makeup for mature skin and women with gray hair

  1. Kate Granado says:

    Excellent post. I don’t think we ever outgrow our love of make-up. We all have heart-felt stories of watching our mothers or big sisters put on their make-up. It’s a ritual, it’s a passage of time.
    Skincare is my soft spot. We are so fortunate to have so many incredible products to select from. When I was 24 a friend took me to the beauty counter at Saks and introduced me to Erno Laszlo. It was a complete regiment, that taught me how to care for my skin. Best investment I ever made. I’m reaping the dividends today – with a glow!!
    thanks for the good info

  2. Kathi Thomason says:

    THANK YOU! I have been rereadIng everything you have ever done on hair and makeup the past three weeks and was really hoping you would do an update!

    • Linda says:

      Thank you so much for this informative post. Since “stay at home” went into effect, I have not cut or colored my hair. Yikes! But now, I am seriously considering leaving it gray. I realize I need to step up my makeup game for this change to be successful. Your video was extremely helpful and I will try implementing some of your suggestions in the morning!

  3. Beth this was wonderful. That mascara has been my favorite so far but I don’t love it either. I am going to watch your youtube tutorial. I am ordering a couple of your recommendations right now. It is so hard not being able to get into the stores and try them on!!

  4. Irene says:

    Another great blog post-I really enjoyed the video of your makeup application. I can always use more tips! I am sporting a bit of a skunk look in my hair-a white streak down the middle. I am trying to decide if I like it enough to stop colouring my hair. You certainly give excellent advice and thank you for all your work and content (and that of your family).

  5. Laurie Brown says:

    I’m 60 and have been rocking the gray hair for 20+ years. No one has straight up told me I look old but I have felt that some of my sisters think I’m audacious for being a-ok with my hair. Whatever. In the last year or so my eyebrows have gone white too. After quite a bit of experimentation I find Clinique Charcoaled brow shaper (that’s what they call it but it’s just a powder) works great. Very natural and simple to use. Just wanted to share as I wasted a lot of money and time trying to get my eyebrows “right”.

  6. Meg says:

    Such a timely post! I just picked up two new lip colors at Target. One is from Revlon and one from Cover Girl, both bright pinks! ( I only would look at lipsticks that have a manufacturer’s seal on them) . I have gone completely gray over the past few months. I cut off all my bottle blonde hair and am currently sporting a very short ‘do. My old lipsticks all were soft mauve pink and now I find I do indeed need some color!! And the brow tips you gave us are excellent. Brows are the number one sign of aging, in my opinion. More than wrinkles or grey hair! I have a number of grey hairs in mine and use a colored brow mascara to thicken and darken them. Great ideas, thank you so much, Beth!

  7. I love being in the same blogging group with you again. It’s so much fun. I think we’re on the same page regarding makeup. We seem to do the same thing. I’m with you about blending. Blend, blend, blend. I do feel that as we get older we need more makeup but just put on lighter. Otherwise we can fade into the woodwork. You always look stunning! So you must be doing something right!!!

  8. Andrea says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you🌷. These women are so inspirational and genuine – like you. I think I may have finally narrowed down the lipstick issue. Also, having eczema, it was great to find out that IT cosmetics founder has it too.
    Stay safe ladies – you are the light in the darkness.

  9. Rosalie frawley says:

    I also went grey, and since I could not get a haircut, it is getting longer, so I went from pixie to a bob, so far I like it, I also had time to experiment with make up, well we will see how long the hair length will last! however love the grey.

  10. Francesca B. says:

    Fantastic post thank you Beth for all the tricks and tips! I will look back on this post for advice many times:)
    Have a happy week!

  11. Rose says:

    Hello from New Zealand. Oh dear I feel some online shopping for makeup calling my name…
    Not quite grey but silvered blond these days! Great advice in the video, so thank you very much!

  12. Eve says:

    My SIL at 65 is a natural blonde, still wears some make up to bed so I don’t think her husband has ever seen her face bare. i just like a clean face because it just gets so hot here in the Summer and I’ve seen the results on other women. Less is definitely more in a tropical climate. Sunglasses cover a multitude of wrinkles. LOL

  13. Sylvia Espinoza says:

    Had early start to a long day, so just chiming in! You’re 100% right about plum eyeshadow. Saw it on a much younger woman two weeks ago. Inspired. Tried it and could not believe how alive my eyes became, just as in my younger days! Highly recommend!~

  14. Lori L Feld says:

    Excellent and timely! Never underestimate what a brightly colored pair of readers can do for your face either!

  15. Vicki Archer says:

    I am a fan of a strong lipstick, Beth… they make such a difference and a good red lip is my go-to when I have little time for the rest… xv

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  17. what color eyebrow pencil are you using

  18. Lyn says:

    I am just soaking in this post – I love Vickie – after retiring early at 57 after working in a very conservative, male dominated field for 35 years I have completely changed my style. After 20 years of constant professional cuts and coloring I have been coloring my hair at home – I couldn’t get my hairdresser to help me lighten my brunette hair to a lighter color. I have not gone “silver” yet, but I have lightened my hair considerably – the greys are now highlights. My daughter, a professional in another field, is going to cut my hair for me – what a relief! My makeup is so light, with a hint of a glow in a light blush I bought while shopping in Italy. I now use hairbands and head wraps to my look. I think wearing masks will become pretty much the norm and I have decided to emphasize my eyes a bit. Now to sit down and enjoy rereading this post. Beth – you are beautiful – inside and out!

  19. Christine says:

    Finally some one real!

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