Look Better in Less Time With These Simple Steps!

  1. Nancy B. says:

    Jen, you read my mind! I have needed this post! Minimal makeup is my thing! And I didn’t know Jason Wu had a cosmetic line! Next time I’m at Target I’m buying the mascara.

    • Jennifer Duvall says:

      I wish Jason Wu marketed their stuff better!! But I really luv that mascara so def try to get your hands on it! Glad the more minimal look spoke to you 🙂

  2. Nancy says:

    Love this make-up tutorial! Thank you!

  3. Carolina Girl says:

    Jennifer, I’m more of a “no-makeup look” person but I enjoy all of your posts and always learn something (or about a new product I may want to try). Plus, I discovered from one of your posts this year you have the same birth-date (not year) as my twins! I liked your horoscope makeup post (I’m also an Aquarian). Thank you!

    • Jennifer Duvall says:

      Well hello fellow Aquarian!! How cool I have the same bday as your twins! And that means a lot you enjoy my posts despite not being much of a makeup gal – that’s high praise!

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