Defy Aging With These Youth Boosting Makeup and Skincare Tips

  1. Carolina Girl says:

    Thanks, Jennifer,
    Very useful post with at least 3 products I plan to try!
    I always enjoy your insights.

    • I appreciate you taking time to comment again Carolina Girl! If you ever have themes/topics you’d like me to cover in beauty, please let me know. Always open to suggestions for new content.

  2. Carmen says:

    Great suggestions and a good reminder to try new things for my skin. Thanks and have a great weekend!

    • Hey Carmen! Glad you enjoyed this post enough to leave a comment. Have fun with trying new things for your face – sometimes all it takes is for someone to give you a nudge to treat yourself to new possibilities

  3. Nancy says:

    Girl!!! 46 years old…you’re still a “baby” in my book! Yikes. I do love your style, and you always look fresh and beautiful! Wait another 25+ years and you’ll see what your skin looks like! I do take care of my skin, have worn make-up since high school, just about every day, and I love it! The colorless face is what I agree with most in this post. I loveto have either a sun-bronzed look or a rosy look. I have enjoyed past posts where you’ve featured products for that. What I’d love to see (again, because I think you’ve done this before) is to address these same 3 issues you took on in this post and use them on Beth, or a lady in her seventies! That would be fun! I do love to follow you and have purchased many products that you’ve suggested! Thanks Jennifer!

    • Nancy I’ll take that baby comment as a compliment! I agree that 46 should be considered baby-like these days! I just did a makeup lesson with my oldest client ever – she was 82 – and she was as spunky, full of life, more so than some of my 50+ year old friends! Great idea and we should do an updated post of me working on Beth for sure -thanks for the idea. and my hope is that you are enjoying whatever products you bought after my suggestions!! We appreciate you reading and commenting.

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