10 Iconic Skincare Products: Must-Try Products for Every Beauty Enthusiast

  1. Elaine Simmons says:

    I finally tried the LaMer when CosBar was offering 25% off and it applied on this product too. Definitely lives up to the hype! My skin looks so fresh and dewey, 68 year old!

    • Jennifer says:

      I love hearing this Elaine! I’m hoping to be able to swing treating myself to a jar real soon and your comment gives me the confidence to try it!

  2. Becky says:

    I love all your tips! What would you recommend to remove eye makeup for sensitive eyes?

  3. Jeanne says:

    I love Skinceutical’s Vit. C but they recently increased the price by over $20 so I won’t be buying it anymore.
    Would you ever consider critiquing/ recommending other Vitamin C products? We need some effective alternatives that won’t break the bank..

  4. Marsha says:

    Thanks for a great list! I am searching for an eye cream. Any recommendations?

  5. Nancy B says:

    Jennifer, a few years ago I was given a sample of the Le Mer moisturizer! I was ecstatic just to have been given that. I used it very sparingly to make it last as long as possible. It was luxuriously smooth and creamy. I didn’t have enough to use it for an extended time but it was an amazing product.

    • Jennifer says:

      I would have done the same thing and used it sparingly to make it last longer!! Did you see Elaine’s comment above? She finally got a hold of the LaMer and loves it!! I’m now hoping to ask for this as a Christmas gift from my kids bc it sounds like it lives up to the iconic status.

  6. Carolina Girl says:

    I use several of the products you’ve highlighted. This is a GREAT list, Jennifer! Thank you. And EL Advanced Night Time Repair. I’ve been told I look a lot younger than I am by strangers and I attribute it to this product. (Well, and maybe Beth’s style tips, too!)

    • Jennifer says:

      This is amazing Carolina Girl! I’m sure the combo of effective skincare, great makeup tips and Beth’s style inspo makes for a winning combo! Glad to hear you enjoyed this list and are using some of these products already. Really enjoy hearing from you!

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