Spanx Pants and Linen Shorts

  1. Michelle Hamric says:

    There’s nothing much better than linen EVERYTHING when it’s hot, humid AND rainy! You and Kelly look chic and comfortable to meet whatever activities and weather presents for the day. Have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. Nancy says:

    Love your new hairstyle, looks like your picture.
    So youthful ♥️

  3. Melanie Simpson says:

    You and Kelly look so cool and put together!! I have a girls trip coming up…high school girlfriends. We graduated in ‘73 and obviously have so much history and fun together. I’ve purchased many of your items over the years and get so many compliments. Thanks for all you do!! Have a great weekend and give Oscar a pet for me!!

    • Beth Djalali says:

      Isn’t it great to have friends with shared experiences? It’s always fun to go down memory lane and then create new memories. Enjoy!

  4. Janka says:

    Beth looks effortlessly chic as always. Kelly’s outfits are always stylish but she could up the polish by adding dangly earrings or bracelets and a belt.

    • Beth Djalali says:

      I think there’s something to be said about a minimalist look. That’s what makes style interesting – our personal preferences.

  5. Bonnie Abrams says:

    You both look great! Love the outfits. Beth, this hairstyle really is a keeper for you! Ha. and of course, Oscar is as handsome as ever.

  6. Pam -Mpls says:

    What a great post. Negronis are my favorite cocktail! I love both outfits especially Kelly’s top. Plus I learned a new way to prepare quesadillas. Thanks for the ideas and inspiration!

  7. Sabine says:

    You both look great ! I am also a «  petite » and love to See outfits on Kelly. And Kelly, I like your hair a bit longer, exactly as when you were in Paris, with some layers, you rocked ! And you are also beautiful with your short hair !

  8. Peggy Thomas says:

    You’ve always been gorgeous, but are you losing weight?
    You look so much slimmer

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