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it’s that time of year when gift giving is a high priority. so i hope you haven’t forgotten to put your name on at the top of that gift-giving list. and the best gift you can give yourself? the gift of self-care. one reason i prioritize a daily skin care regimen. it’s the gift that keeps on giving year-after-year.

today, i’m pleased to partner with DHC, Japan’s #1 direct-to-consumer skincare company. what’s different about DHC from other skincare companies? seriously, if you’ve tried one moisturizer you’ve tried them all, right? not exactly, which is why it’s important to test new different products from time to time. and maybe learn something new along the way. and my curiosity was piqued after reading that japanese skincare tradition advocates four-step skincare. hmmm, four steps? i only use three. for centuries, a traditional sign of beauty in japanese culture was to wear white paint-like makeup which was hard to remove. and we all know how important it is to remove any trace of makeup and impurities, leaving our skin ready to repair and regenerate with moisturizer. well, they say necessity is the mother of invention. and that’s how and why japanese women added a cleansing oil to their skincare routine and developed a beauty secret along the way.

earlier this year i added a cleansing oil to my nighttime regimen and loved the results as it effortlessly removes all traces of dirt and makeup. let me tell you my skin feels clean as a whistle after this important step and ready to moisturize. but adding a cleansing oil to my morning routine hadn’t crossed my mind. until i partnered with DHC. don’t you love discovering new skin care techniques?

but if japanese women swear by double-cleansing i’ll give it a go. first, i massaged DHC Deep Cleansing Oil onto my skin for about a minute. this prepped my complexion with an anti-oxidant olive oil. next comes CoQ10 Washing Cream a foaming cleanser that promotes firmness and fights sagging and elasticity loss. the first signs of aging.

after my skin is squeaky clean, it’s time to moisturize. an eye cream is a must at this stage of life. did you know that the delicate skin around our eye is susceptible to dryness? DHC CoQ10 Eye Cream is a richly textured moisturizer that’s specially formulated with firming CoQ10, nourishing vitamins A, C, and E and emollient shea butter and olive oil. a game-changer for me this past year has been adding vitamin C which helps fight damaging free radicals. but vitamins A and E do the same.

last but not least in the four-step skincare routine is the mighty DHC CoQ10 Quick Gel Brightening Moisture all-in-one moisturizer tones, hydrates, brightens, primes and can even be used as a hydrating mask treatment. i don’t know about you, but glowing skin is a priority for me and but is harder to achieve with each passing year. DHC CoQ10 Quick Gel Brightening Moisture has vitamin C and daisy extract which helps deliver a more luminous complexion.

but wait, is there any other product that can deliver a quick pick-me-up to my skin? especially before a holiday party? we all know this time of year there’s bound to be one or two penciled in. one of my go-to tricks before a big event is carving out twenty minutes of downtime to plaster on a mask. there’s nothing better than the look and feel of rejuvenated skin. and  DHC Q10 Mask is a CoQ10-enriched sheet mask that not only firms my skin but leaves a glow. just what i need before the special event to keep me looking at the top of my game.

all right ladies, are you ready to see for yourself what japanese women have known for centuries? then please visit DHC. it’s time to give yourself the gift that keeps on giving – healthy skin. i know i’m a big believer in this remarkable four-step skincare routine.


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