what to pack in your beach bag

getting ready for a beach vacation is relatively easy, right? just pack a swimsuit, and you’re good to go. not so fast. of course, packing your suitcase for a beach vacation is step one. if you missed that post, please refer to it opens in a new windowhere. next is what to pack in your beach bag. if you’re spending hours on the beach, then you want to be prepared. there’s nothing worse than settling into your beach chair then remembering you forgot to toss sunscreen into your beach bag or a bottle of water. don’t worry, i have you covered. today, i’m sharing my list of what to pack in your beach bag. and if you’re interested, here’s a YouTube video where i go through an exhaustive list of what’s inside my bag.

but first things first. before i head to the beach, i use self-tanner for a little summer glow. yep, the safest tan is a fake one. ha! it’s easy to apply tanner at home, but you need the right supplies for a flawless tan. the good news is it’s safe and suitable for all skin types. below are some of my favorite products.

opens in a new windowexfoliating glove | opens in a new windowself-tanner mitt | opens in a new windowBody Bling | opens in a new windowL’Oreal self-tanning mist | opens in a new windowJergens Natural Glow | opens in a new windowL’Oreal self-tanning towelettes

step 1. shower and exfoliate. if you want to avoid streaky tan lines exfoliating is the most important step. one of my favorite body scrubs is opens in a new windowElemis Frangipani that i apply with an exfoliating glove that leaves my skin smooth and soft.

step 2. after i step out of the shower, i apply moisturizer to ankles, feet, knees, elbows, wrists, and palms. these are the key areas that tend to soak up too much self-tanner. wait ten minutes or until your body is completely dry. this is an important step as your skin needs to be dry to absorb the self-tanner and avoid streaks.


step 3. apply the self-tanner with a opens in a new windowmitt. if you skip using a opens in a new windowmitt, then your hands tend to turn orange. plus, the mitt helps apply the tanner evenly and smoothly. apply the product directly onto the opens in a new windowmitt.

step 4. use long even strokes when applying opens in a new windowself-tanner, working one section at a time.

step 5. wait twenty minutes before you put your clothes on. this allows the product to settle and avoids staining your clothes.

step 6. moisturize daily to keep your faux tan for as long as possible. opens in a new window Jergens Daily Moisturizer is my go-to moisturizer all summer long.



opens in a new windowexfoliating glove | opens in a new windowself-tanner mitt | opens in a new windowBody Bling | opens in a new windowL’Oreal self-tanning mist | opens in a new windowJergens Natural Glow | opens in a new windowL’Oreal self-tanning towelettes

what to pack in your beach bag

don’t forget to cover up before heading to the beach. that means applying sunscreen. lately, i’ve been loving opens in a new windowSuperGoop Play 50 SPF. but when i asked my Instagram readers to recommend their favorite sunscreen, opens in a new windowElta MD kept popping up. as a matter of fact, my aesthetician who applied my IPL and Microneedling treatments recommended opens in a new windowElta MD. another favorite is opens in a new windowLa Roche Posay.



opens in a new windowSupergoop Play | Sum Bum | Coppertone 

a opens in a new windowYeti cooler is a must-have to keep drinks and snacks cold. this is the perfect size for the beach.

lips need extra attention during the summer months, especially when you’re out in the sun. opens in a new windowSugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment is a favorite of mine that keeps my lips moisturized.


sights and sounds of my favorite Tybee beaches.

opens in a new windowcanvas beach chairs are the absolute best. no opens in a new windowbeach towel needed. but i still stash one in my beach bag just in case. a opens in a new windowbeach umbrella protects your skin from the UV rays. look for opens in a new windowone with a sand anchor and tilt pole. the opens in a new windowumbrella fabric also has UPF sun protection. a opens in a new windowhat is a must-have while spending time on the beach. but a beach tote is the most essential piece of equipment that helps contain all of my beach gear.



fashion on the beach. aren’t these two adorable?

one of my favorite activities when spending time at Tybee is a bike ride. this bike is the latest rage – an e-bike that has a motor.

happy Wednesday, ladies. time to put a smile on someone’s face, including yours.


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  1. Eve wrote:

    I am Blessed to live on the beautiful MS Gulf Coast that has 26 miles of white sand beaches. I love sitting on the piers and pretending to fish. LOL but I’m not lying on that hot sand. Come for the blessing of the fleet in Biloxi sometimes.
    That is a great list and I believe you covered everything. Have fun🌞

    Posted 6.2.21
  2. Sylvia Espinoza wrote:

    You sure have put a smile on my face today, Beth! Wonderful post. You just might make a beach girl out of me! I’d like to start with a visit to Tybee Island 🙂 ~

    Posted 6.2.21
  3. Judy wrote:

    I have been using a bronzing mousse called St. Tropez for the past 2-3 years and absolutely love it!!! The application instructions are very similar to your self-tanner. I use it basically late spring/ early summer until I get outside more when after a six month Canadian winter, I am pasty white!!! So enjoying your posts…look forward to each new one!!!

    Posted 6.2.21
  4. Fantastic video Beth!!
    Have lots of fun in your vacation

    Posted 6.2.21
  5. Nancy wrote:

    Love this post too! Anything “beach” is right up my alley. I would add 2 things to the beach bag list; beach reading/book/magazines and a sweatshirt/ warmer cover-up of some sort. Our beach weather can turn cool on a dime and I always like to have something a little warmer to put on just in case.
    Appreciate your pictures of Tybee. Is that a container ship in one of the pictures? WOW!
    Also appreciate the suggestion of “Sugar” for the lips. I suffer from chronic chapped lips. I ‘ll have to try this; I’ve tried everything else! Lol!

    Posted 6.2.21
  6. Sharon wrote:

    That pool looks so inviting. I love beach vacations.

    Posted 6.2.21
  7. Lana wrote:

    Thanks for the fab post! I felt like I went on vacay with you 😊
    We are still on hard lock downs here in Canada so am travelling vicariously through you. Your home and pool look terrific! Have fun!

    Posted 6.2.21
  8. Rory wrote:

    I enjoyed your post I have visited the area around Tybee I and it is just beautiful. Thanks for the tanning tips. Have a wonderful day.

    Posted 6.2.21
    • it’s a beautiful part of the world. very laid back.

      Posted 6.3.21
  9. GL Gardener wrote:

    I just did my first self tanner application after reading your post. It came out perfect. No more N US naked white legs-LOL. My beach happens to be any of the Great Lakes. I hardly get in until August when it warms up a bit. I love warm water and my favorite beach is in Costa Rica. This was a lovely post. I will check out your selections.

    Posted 6.2.21
    • you can’t go wrong with the Great Lakes! enjoy your tan!

      Posted 6.3.21

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