we’ve got a really elegant summer top for you today as we continue this week’s quest for the perfect summer top.  yesterday, we showed you how to wear the same sequin top two different ways.  and on monday, we featured my favorite summer sweater.  today, we’re going show you how to style the same outfit two ways by mixing accessories.

how to style the same outfit two ways

accessories are easy to overlook, but they can change the nature of an outfit.  here on the blog, we’re proponents of fashion reusability and a great way to get extra mileage out of a single outfit is to mix and match accessories.  a different bag, belt, shoes or scarf can change the complexity of any outfit making it wearable in different contexts on different days.  if you’re looking for some accessory inspiration, make sure to read our must have summer handbags and accessories.   

rafia plise top | white jeans | wicker bag | izzie woven belt | arrow woven belt | wedge sandal | dahila flip flop

look 1

our base outfit today is this rafia plise top from Anthropologie.  i’ve been all about Anthropologie this week.  so much so, it’s the second top we’ve featured from them this week.  there’s not much more i can say about white denim that i haven’t said this summer.  i’ve featured it prominently all summer long and will definitely continue to do so.   our first look today pairs our base outfit with a pair of white strapped shoes, a wicker bag and an arrow woven belt.  the black swath of the bag picks up my top, creating a bold look.   the pattern of the arrow woven belt contrasts with the white denim enough creating additional visual interest.  

rafia plise top | white jeans | wicker bag | izzie woven belt | arrow woven belt | wedge sandal | dahila flip flop

look 2

our second looks mixes up the bag, shoes, and belt.  here, we’re featuring a black leather clutch, wedge sandals, and leather belt.   although similar, look 2 is much more streamlined and professional.   it’s amazing how the belt alone affects the overall quality of the outfit.  this just goes to show you that a simple accessory swap can breath new life into the same outfit, giving you more flexibility with your current wardrobe. 

rafia plise top | white jeans | wicker bag | izzie woven belt | arrow woven belt | wedge sandal | dahila flip flop

when it comes to planning a trip picking your outfits is at the top of the to-do list. yesterday, i shared my style formula of how i put outfits together. but i would be remiss if i didn’t talk about how to travel with accessories. because even when we’re on va-cay and suitcase space is at a premium, it’s a great time to accessorize and a great excuse to expand your jewelry wardrobe to include fashion jewelry. it’s fun to dress up even your most basic travel outfit. for those of you who like to pack light opt to pack fewer clothes and bring more fun accessories instead! and since you’re sticking to less expensive jewelry, go ahead and add a few trendy pieces.

how to travel with accessories

for most leisure travel, the simple rule is don’t bring anything you’re going to worry about losing. it’s best to leave items of monetary or emotional value at home. and that might even include your wedding rings or statement watch. because when you travel with expensive, irreplaceable jewelry, you tend to worry about the simplest things. like taking your rings off to wash your hands and forgetting said pile of rings next to the sink…

traveling with accessories

traveling with jewelry

  • travel with fashion jewelry
  • travel with a small amount of jewelry
  • leave family heirlooms at home
  • take photos of what you’re bringing

traveling with accessories

so i’m thrilled to partner with Victoria Emerson today to share a few key pieces that are perfect to throw into your suitcase. and it’s a perfect time to shop their Valentine’s Day Sale from 2.12 through 2.18. one thing i’ve noticed with Victoria Emerson jewelry is that it doesn’t tangle. can i hear an amen?! and every. single. bracelet. comes with a jewelry pouch which makes packing a breeze.

traveling with accessories

denim | turtleneck | coat | similar boots | similar handbag | watch | black bracelet | white bracelet

traveling with accessories

for my trip, i chose a white wrap bracelet, black wrap bracelet, watch, and a boho cuff bracelet for good measure.

traveling with accessories

even cold weather outfits deserve a little bling. and Victoria Emerson doesn’t disappoint. the white wrap bracelet is clearly visible in spite of the layers.

traveling with accessories

traveling with accessories

denim | turtleneck | coat | similar boots | similar handbag | watch | black bracelet | white bracelet

traveling with accessories

there are lots and lots of boho cuffs to choose from in a variety of color palettes at Victoria Emerson. it takes the guesswork out of stacking your bracelets. but enamel bracelets are on trend these days, so consider adding one or two to your collection. if you want to add bright colors to your outfit, the Ivy Stack is a good choice.

traveling with accessories

organizing jewelry

  • invest in a jewelry travel case or jewelry roll
  • roll necklaces in a microfiber cloth
  • thread thin necklaces through a straw
  • store small rings and earrings in a pill organizer
  • jewelry pouches

traveling with accessories

traveling with accessories

packing jewelry

  • pack jewelry in your carry-on bag. checked bags have a greater chance of getting misplaced
  • avoid placing jewelry in outer pockets or compartments 
  • surround the jewelry with soft clothing

don’t forget that you’re taking a vacation to relax and have fun. it’s important to get away from your daily routine from time to time. so keep jewelry simple and inexpensive, so it doesn’t add stress or worries.

traveling with accessories

a big thank you to Victoria Emerson for this sponsored post. and thank you, lovely readers, for supporting the brands that allow me to bring you fresh ideas.

it’s been self-care week over here on the blog.  today we’re bringing you a beauty and makeup gift guide.  Kelly and i put this together, and our guide includes everything from budget and drugstore makeup to higher-end facial care. 

below, you’ll find selected ideas split between myself and kelly.  we’ve further broken down each bucket by price point:  low, medium, and high.  i’ve also put together a fall rewind, showcasing some of my favorite outfits of the fall.  

beth’s low price point picks: hand creams to skincare sets

to kick things off today, i’m bringing you my gift ideas under $25.  they include everything from hand cream from Burt’s Bees to a lipstick set from Nordstrom.  

denim | sweater | c/o jacket | c/o scarf | shoes | similar handbag

denim boiler suit blazer shoes similar handbag

denim | similar sweater | similar sweater |similar sweater | shoes

kelly’s low price point picks: eye treatment to exfoliant scrubs

Kelly’s all about the Kiehl’s this holiday season.  below you’ll find her picks under $30 for facial moisturizers, eye treatment, exfoliants, hair treatments, and serums. 

dress in pictures | dress 2 | dress 3 | dress 4 | dress 5 | dress 6 | dress 7  | jacket (similar, high-to-low)

blazer |sweater | boyfriend jeans | similar belt 

beth’s mid price point picks: diffusers to makeup sets

below, i’ve got beauty and self-care gift ideas for under $50.  everything from Sephora to Nordstrom.  like Kelly, i’m really loving the Kiehl’s skin care set this year.   but you really can’t go wrong with the diffuser from Sephora—especially if you have dogs like me.  

similar coat (Talbots) | denim (Ann Taylor) | shoes (J.Crew)similar tote (Nordstrom)

denim | blouse | (similar) suede jacket | snakeskin boots | (similar) belt | (similar) handbag

faux leather overshirt similar leopard jeans | similar white shirt | shoes | handbag | bracelet | earrings

kelly’s mid price point picks: facial toners to hair treatments 

kelly’s got a wide-range of mid price point gift ideas.  like me, she’s loving selections from Nordstrom this year.  

blazer (Ann Taylor) | sweater (Everlane) | similar denim (J.Crew) 

similar blazer | turtleneck (Macy’s) | leggings (Macy’s) | booties (Easy Spirit) | similar handbag

beth’s high price point picks: masking to tighten & left sets

finally, i’ve got beauty and self-care gift ideas for under $100.  here, you’re going to find some of the larger gift sets, mostly focused on facial and skincare.  

pants (Talbots) | top (Banana Republic) | duster (Banana Republic) | similar handbag | similar shoes

jeans | handbag | bomber jacket | boots | sleeveless turtleneck

red turtleneck | red turtleneck 2 | trench coat | trench coat 2 |  dark skinny jeans | boyfriend jeans | white loafer 

kelly’s high price point picks: facial mists to serums 

kelly finishes it off today with her higher end picks.  her top 5 selections are in or around the $100 price point. 

cashmere turtleneck dress | blazer | similar turtleneck dress | boyfriend jean | skinny jean | low heeled booties | scarf

lightweight cashmere sweater |  cashmere sweater 2 | dark rinse denim | crossbody handbag

in case you missed it 

i hope you enjoyed today’s holiday beauty and makeup gift guide.  as we start to wrap up self-care week, in case you missed it, check out all of our posts: managing grief during the holiday season, selflessness as a form of self-care, and putting the “self” back in self-care.

if you’re still looking for more beauty and makeup picks, tips & tricks, make sure to check out my YouTube series friday fives some of which are linked below. 

5 essential lipstick picks 

5 essential mascara picks

5 essential skincare tips








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