sunday style | 10 key pieces for spring

white jean: white denim is a perfect choice 12 months out of the year. but they are even more perfect come spring and summer. so don’t forget to add a pair (or 2) to your wardrobe. pair them with a denim jacket to help ease into spring. love the simplicity of a simple cotton shirt and white jeans for a chic summer look. and denim and blazers always strike the perfect balance.

scattered prints

white denim here, here, and here

easy dress: dresses are far more versatile than you think. and can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. a tee shirt dress is a favorite wardrobe staple come summer. but there are lots of choices from a sheath to a shirt dress. all i know is that nothing beats a dress on a hot summer day!

goin' boho

dresses here, herehere, and here

pattern blouse: want instant pizazz? then add a patterned shirt to your wardrobe. stripes, floral or animal print; i’m certain there’s a pattern that’s perfect for you.

three strikes

shirts here, here, and here

trench coat: if there’s only room for 1 spring coat in your closet make sure it’s a trench. this coat is an iconic classic that will stand the test of time. khaki is the perennial favorite, but don’t forget there’s room to diversify.

trench coat here, here, here, and here

lightweight cardigan: a cardigan is a perfect layer any time of the year. yes, that means summer too. those movie theaters are downright frigid even in july! my favorite cardi of all-time is a featherweight cashmere from j.crew that come in a variety of colors. i try to add at least one sweater every season.

linen and lavender

cardigans here, here, and here

shorts: many women discount shorts because they think they can’t show their legs. but no one has perfect legs – not even models. this is when we work with what we have and use instant tanner if they are blinding white. just keep an open mind and look for the perfect length for you. a good rule of thumb is that the shorts should stop where your legs look the slimmest. stand in the mirror and play with the length until you find the right length for you. there’s nothing like shorts to help beat that summer heat.

date with summer

shorts here, here, and here

denim skirt: some summer days are just too hot for blue jeans. this is when i slip into a denim skirt. don’t forget to add white denim to your repertoire as it’s perfect all summer long.

fridays with oscar

denim skirt here, here, and here

sunglasses: to be certain sunnies have that cool factor going for them. but did you know you will protect the whites of your eyes from UV light if you slip a pair on before you head outside?

spring greens

sunglasses here, here, and here

fancy tees: fancy or plain a tee is a must once warmer weather prevails. but graphic tees are back on trend so grab one or two. they’re perfect tucked under a blazer, cardigan, or shirt. they’re available everywhere and at bargain prices.

tees here, here, here, and here

flats: flip flops and sandals are easy to slip on during the summer months. but don’t forget loafers or ballet flats look great with skirts or shorts.


flats here, here, here, and here


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  1. You picked the perfect pieces for spring, Beth! Loved seeing all your fabulous past outfits! You always look fantastic!

    Hope things are going well in your neck of the woods!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

    Posted 3.19.17
    • thanks, andrea! all is well here in georgia. and i know california definitely has the drought behind them. for the time being anyway.

      Posted 3.22.17
  2. Susan Young wrote:

    This is great Beth. Thank you!

    Posted 3.19.17
    • you’re so very welcome, susan!

      Posted 3.22.17
  3. Sue Smith wrote:

    I’m totally psyched for spring now. You got me in the mood for it, now if the weather would just go back to those almost-80’s temps we had a week or so ago! Bring it on. Every look is lovely.

    Posted 3.19.17
    • well, sue, i don’t know about your temps, but we hit 85 yesterday…

      Posted 3.22.17
  4. Sharon Woryn wrote:

    I can put a check next to each item! I have everything on the list and tomorrow Spring is sprung so I am going to wear colorful, lighter weight clothes from MY spring collection. It looks like you have everything you need for spring as well. I love wearing some different accessories as well—the jewelry and handbags that look fresher and lighter. Later this week, maybe a shorter hairstyle before the humidity starts.

    Posted 3.19.17
    • now all we have to do is wait for spring! although, yesterday our temps headed straight to summer – 85…

      Posted 3.22.17
  5. Rebecca Saffer wrote:

    You rock the classic American look. Although I am definitely not a preppy type, I do love certain looks like seersucker, polka dots and denim. Some great outfits here, Beth!

    Posted 3.19.17
    • seersucker and summer just go hand in hand, don’t they?

      Posted 3.22.17
  6. ronn jorden wrote:

    Nice one … got one tip match footwear with bags …

    Posted 3.20.17
    • you can match your footwear with your handbag. but the good news is there are no hard and fast rules anymore.

      Posted 3.22.17
  7. Great choices B!
    I did a quick rundown and it seems like can check off every garment except the trench, which is too warm for where I live.

    Posted 3.21.17
    • isn’t it great that you can shop your closet?

      Posted 3.22.17
  8. Deb Hightower Salerno wrote:

    This inspired me so much! I immediately cleaned out my closet, moved the winter items out and took a pile to donate. Then I went out last night and purchased a couple new fun Spring handbags, a couple new pairs of sandals and some tops. I’ve printed out the photos and I’m going to try to create the outfits for myself with the rest of what is in my closet. Today I committed myself to eating better, regular exercise and “getting dressed” every day instead of just wearing yoga pants and a tank (I work from home). I am turning 50 in May and you really have no idea how your style and healthy appearance have inspired me to step it up! 50 here I come! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

    Posted 3.22.17
  9. DC wrote:

    Oh my gosh!!! I ADORE that watermelon cardigan!!!! Where oh where can I find one for me????

    Posted 4.12.17

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