Frumpy to Fabulous in 5 Easy Steps

  1. I have a hard time figuring out if I am an apple or pear shape. I have never thought you look frumpy at all. You always look classy, even when you are in casual clothes, you hit the mark almost everytime. We all miss the mark sometimes and feel we don’t look the best that day. Sometimes you are a long dresses that I can’t wear because I am short, but you look great since you are tall… Love your post! Great tips today

    • MaryLynne says:

      Great post, especially about choosing clothes for your body type. I used to be a pear with a 19 inch waist and now I am an apple with no waist at all. I have found that an empire long dress is the most flattering on me, but don’t see many out there. I would like it if you would do a post for each body type to give us some ideas of what to look for. You always seem to find the right clothes for your type. Have you figured out what it is?

  2. Sallt says:

    Wonderful advice I agree with you I am very tiny. I’m 5 feet weigh about 92 pounds so I’m very careful trying to get my clothes to fit good. I have them altered and I make sure I try to buy the best and I take very good care of them, very good article

  3. Lisa Salati says:

    I enjoy following you because you are one of the few bloggers that is about the same body type as me, shops at similar stores, and a similar style sense. It really helps me in planning my shopping trips. Thanks for putting up with all the noise on social media.

  4. Nancy says:

    Very nice post! We all need to be reminded of the basics of looking non-frumpy! I love the Inspo boards in this post and the tips on laundry etc. Most times I’m in such a hurry, that after taking the time to cultivate my wardrobe, I don’t properly care for it! Btw, after asking you questions about the Rowenta steamer (which you kindly answered), I bought it! It’s great, so I’m on my way to taking better care of my clothes, and ordered a few of the laundry products you recommend in this post! I love it! Following you is such fun!

  5. Cindy says:

    I took a class a couple years ago to learn body type and how to dress my body type. Very informative!! Good information in this post. Thank you

    Have a wonderful day!!!

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