your 2020 guide to cyber monday shopping

  1. Eve says:

    It would be hard to pick an outfit to copy. I love them all. I don’t know if I have the guts to wear yellow shoes and a pink striped sweater but they look so great. You put outfits together so well using bright colors so it gives me courage to try. Thank you for this blog. It’s a blessing for me right now.

  2. cathy ogi says:

    Love it that you have purple flats, too. Mine are a soft finish. Feel special when I wear them. Just have to be careful not to wear if there’s any possibility of rain. Love your blog.

  3. Deidra A Haywood says:

    Beth, your choices are wonderful especially the long striped sweater and the yellow shoes. The navy blue coat and red pants look so elegant and your make-up is on point. I love, love being a “girl” and as I get older I take more chances and most of the time I am happy with my decisions. Take care and Happy Holidays to you and your family!!!

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