what to pack for florida

  1. Linda says:

    You’ll be right in my backyard! 🙂 Bring an umbrella, it’s going to rain the entire week and weekend 🙁

  2. LolaM says:

    Seven pairs of shoes for 5 days? Seems a little overboard for me. I prefer to pack a little lighter.

  3. Imastounded says:

    I think it’s smart to take a variety of shoes when you have a leg injury. Usually this means changing shoes throughout the day for comfort (although some Keds or sneakers would probably have found their way into my bag; I need some ankle support). Packing with lightweight summer clothes means more room in your suitcase. Fall/winter clothes are bulkier and definitely restrict your packing choices.

  4. lovely778 says:

    Take care of that ankle so you can step back in those fabulous outfits!

  5. Sue Smith says:

    Have fun! Looks like you’re set with your wardrobe. Hope your leg does ok–take good care!

  6. Donna Idell says:

    I would love to see a segment on packing several outfits for a weeks trip. What size suitcase do I need?

  7. Wow – love everything you packed. You’re gonna be the best dressed there. So many great options.

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