travel blues

  1. maja majic says:

    Great bags. I just visited their online shop, great! It would be nice to see some more MFM video 🙂

    • says:

      oh, you just warmed me heart by asking for more MFM videos!
      xxoo beth

  2. Anne - Music and Markets says:

    Fabulous bags – they remind me a bit of Portmanteau (a Portland, Maine company) bags. Love the print you chose! I’ve always got travel on my mind – recently returned from our Prague Spring Festival Trip, gearing up now for Amalfi Tuscany next month and thinking a LOT about what I have that’s cool yet classy and pretty (and that I haven’t already worn to death on previous years tours!)

    • says:

      i have to check out Portmanteau. Thanks, for the tip. Glad you like my bag. Doesn’t it remind you of an old fashioned carpetbag?
      xxoo beth
      p.s. love prague, by the way. such a magical city.

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