A Simple, Elegant Spring Transition Outfit

  1. Donna Callenius Lang says:

    I love your Poshmark closet but I am not the same size! I will be super excited if you post accessories!

  2. Carolina Girl says:

    Nice transitional outfit … and love the pix from Graceland and the ducks of Peabody Inn. So enjoyed this post!

  3. Thank you for sharing the pictures of Graceland, I am going to go there someday and the pictures of Beale street and Peadbody Hotel. I love to travel and see sites also.

  4. Dottie W says:

    Thanks for sharing your pics! I enjoyed them!

  5. That cardigan is just lovely with the contrast and I see on line that there is a black one with white contrast which is to die for. both are items would purchase and just off to do that I think. Thanks for the line Beth.

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