’tis the season for cashmere

it’s no secret that fall is my favorite time of year for fashion. for today’s trip through the archives, i am highlighting cashmere. cashmere is perfect for fall and winter. it’s works well for layering and it’s just so soft and comfortable, like a warm hug. so, sit back and take a look at how i have styled cashmere through the last year. as always, the links you’ll find in this post have been updated with items available now. ’tis the season for cashmere!


cashmere from head to toe

the leaves are turning, the weather is getting colder, and we’re headed straight into Thanksgiving.  the transition is upon us from fall to winter, and this week i’m bringing you my first real series of warmer outfits.  today:  cashmere from head-to-toe.  after all, what is more luxurious than cashmere? 

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staying warm with cashmere, wool and a pair of patrick boots

it’s finally cold here in Athens. i know,  i know “cold” is a relative notion, but we’ve hit the freezing mark the past few days, and i’m trying to stay warm.  my oldest has it particularly bad:  he’s been in California the past 10 years, and well, he can’t handle anything below 50 degrees. sad, huh? not to worry:  we’ll toughen him up.  is it chilly where you are?  colder than here? then this post is for you.

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opens in a new windowsimilar coat 1 | opens in a new windowsimilar coat 2 | opens in a new windowsimilar coat 3 | opens in a new windowsimilar boot 1 | opens in a new windowsimilar boot 2 



how to stay organized | a look at my fridge

all week, we’ve been continuing on with our series a day in the life.  on Monday, i gave you  opens in a new windowa glimpse of my porch refresh; and yesterday, i showed you  opens in a new windowmy living room.  we’re sticking with that theme today, but deviating slightly.  earlier this year, we launched the series how to stay organized, where i gave you a few tips on  opens in a new windowhow to keep your kitchen tame and under control.  today, i’m going to offer a few words of advice on how i keep my fridge clean.  i know.  no one likes to clean their fridge.  but when it’s done, it’s done.  and boy does it feel good. i always look to  opens in a new windowThe Container Store to keep my organization up to date. and they offer some amazing  opens in a new windowrefrigerator bins that keep the clutter tamed even inside my fridge.

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opens in a new windowsimilar cashmere hoodie | opens in a new windowcashmere jogger


’tis the season for cashmere

while cashmere always feels luxurious, it can dress up or down with ease. like with a opens in a new windowcashmere hoodie. and contrary to what you may be thinking, cashmere can be more affordable than ever. opens in a new windowEverlane has beautiful affordable cashmere, for example. with proper care (yes, you can hand wash your cashmere at home!) cashmere will last through the years and it will always be a timeless classic. 



  1. MaryLynne wrote:

    These cooler temperatures would seem warm in February. Its all what your body gets used to. I love cashmere because you get the warmth without the bulk. I found out quite by accident that you can increase that warmth by wearing a silk camisole under your wool or a silk shirt over it. The two seem to double the warmth. Great for packing to travel in the colder seasons

    Posted 10.8.20
  2. Andrea wrote:

    So true, cashmere, merino and most silks now can be washed. I have a hand-wash cycle and it works wonderfully for sweaters, camisoles and scarves. Money saver!

    Love the camel skirt and checkered sweater coat outfit – timeless elegance.

    Posted 10.8.20
  3. Dianne🇨🇦 wrote:

    We are not that cold yet on the west coast of Canada. I am getting my sweaters & winter pants organized.
    I decided a couple of years ago to buy one cashmere piece each year. I try to find it on sale. Classic sweaters last for years.
    Love the check jacket with the camel skirt.

    Posted 10.8.20

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