The 6 Foundations For Mature Skin

  1. Kathy Jundt says:

    Thanks for the recommendations on foundations for mature skin. Could you follow up with how to pick the right color? I am paralyzed in making that decision — especially in a drug store where testing might not be an option. I am so afraid of the foundation being too much or too little.

    • Lindsey A says:

      I was coming down the comments to ask the exact same question! Never wear make-up but at 44 I’m starting to want a tinted moisturizer type and am curious about the Loreal Age Perfect – but worried about wasting a bunch of money if I keep getting the wrong color.

  2. MaryLynne says:

    For years I used Lacome tinted moisturizer with SPF50. Then they stopped making it. I tried L’oreal age perfect but after two tubes I didn’t get the right color because I couldn’t try it. So I went to Macy’s and found a perfect match at Estee Lauder. I am very happy with their Futurist Hydra Rescue moisturizing make up SPF45. I’m going to order the brush you suggested I’m not pleased with my flat one. Thanks for your helpful ideas

  3. Paula says:

    Interesting read. I find that I really like the L’Oreal foundation in the tube the best. I have tried some more expensive brands but the L’Oreal tube works the best for me. Once I found the right color.

  4. Nancy B. says:

    I always love posts on foundations and I like that you gave choices of different price points. As someone else mentioned earlier , I would also enjoy a future post on how to choose the correct foundation color for my skin tone. Thanks for all you do!

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