The Most Important Winter-to-Spring Transition Piece

  1. speechless. Can not tell you witch I like best!!!

  2. Joanie says:

    Great looks, Beth! Tell me about the pink sweater and pink/green dotted scarf shown with the green utility jacket. I love the scarf. Where is it from? Is the sweater pink cashmere? I also like looking at the handbags. Where/when did you purchase the Louis Vuitton speedy bag? It will never go out of style. Thank you.

  3. Valerie G says:

    I always look forward to your posts and this did not disappoint. You always look great no matter what you wear. I have all but a lightweight puffer jacket. In fact I did buy the blue Scoop moto jacket after you posted it a few weeks ago. You said I’d love it and I do.

  4. Sue says:

    You are the jacket queen! Endless array. Some really great ones.

  5. Nancy Capel says:

    Beth, I love everything you wear and style and have very similar taste! Your hair is fantastic and inspired me to go gray with a little assist from my stylist. I will turn 66 in April and still work full time so I enjoy fashion as much as I did when I was teenager. I remember reading the same magazines from cover to cover multiple times and have never been afraid of color. Talbots is my go to store. Thank you for showing women that they can continue to care!!! P.s. I too am on the verge of knee replacement and am inspired by his well you managed your journey❣

  6. Kelly says:

    You’ve chosen all my favorites! And I love those lightweight jackets for travel because you can wear them under a trench/raincoat and have a warmer alternative on a cold day. Great post!

  7. Ruth says:

    You’ve given me lots of ideas Beth on how to wear several jackets that I have! Thank you so much for this post. Happy Spring! 🐣

  8. Lynda Kerr says:

    What a terrific post!So many great classic combinations with your usual elegance and simplicity. These ideas are inspiring for outfits for the milder Autumn/Winter season in Australia too.

  9. Mary C says:

    What a great post, Beth. So many cute options! I especially like the lavender gingham denim jacket. I might need to add one to my collection of many jackets! 😀

  10. love all your jacket options. Love the plaid raincoat as I need to update mine.
    So cute! From the picture it looks like it is blue, brown and white? Hope so I ordered it.

  11. Vikki Andrews says:

    Beautiful You!

  12. Lyn says:

    Wow – I love all these looks. I own one of each of these – accumulated over a few years. I consider all of these to be true classics and when you buy good quality and with good care they will last years. I wore a red quilted jacket the other day that I told my husband I had owned about 15+ years! It is still on trend and looks like new. After working in a very conservative profession for years and wearing mostly suits and heels, I have revamped my entire wardrobe and I’m enjoying fashion more than ever. I throughly enjoyed this post.

  13. Diane says:

    I love the Pi Phi arrow pin!

  14. Leslie says:

    I really like your hair in green utility jacket with the pink sweater and scarf. Love the whole outfit.

  15. Kaye w. says:

    Where oh where can I get some medium weight graphic tees? I love the yellow one with the green jacket you wear in one picture. I can’t wear thin or light weight ones. Help!!! 😬

  16. Jan De Vilbiss says:

    I love your daily emails but I wanted to let you know that I may unsubscribe because of the number of ads I have to scroll through to see all your info. The new small ad in the upper right corner is especially irritating. I know this is probably how you’re making additional money but just thought I would share my feedback. I love the photos and information you share. Thank you for that!

    • Beth Djalali says:

      completely understand. it takes quite a bit of manpower to run a blog of this size, including the email subscription. ads are commonplace these days to subsidize free content. but we will roll out a subscription model sooner rather than later this year, where you will have the choice of ad-free content.

      • Stephani says:

        Hi Beth…
        In your top picture, you show an arrow pin… I am a Pi Phi and an arrow is our symbol… May I ask you where you bought it… I love he size…

  17. Carolina Girl says:

    I’m a jacket freak, so this is nirvana for me 🙂
    Great job and round-up, Beth!

  18. Lesley C says:

    I keep coming back to this post. Great inspiration for our approaching Autumn. We have a mild Mediterranean style winter climate and layering is key. I love a short trench coat and have a variety in purple suede, red and chocolate brown. I’ve never been drawn to the denim or Moto jackets and having worn blazers at school for years, I avoid them too. You look amazing in these items but there are plenty of other options that I love and feel comfortable in. Thank you for such a comprehensive post.

    • Lesley C says:

      I particularly enjoy how you style these items with the colour combinations and attention to the accessories including belts, bags and shoes.

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