signs of summer

  1. plutrell says:

    Great use of accessories! Love the bag and the necklace!

  2. robjodiefilogomo says:

    I love this look. I feel like we all end up dressing in layers because of the air conditioning in restaurants/offices and then the hot air in the car! jodie
    ps…that necklace is such a wonderful statement!

  3. Great look to wear everyday!Love the top. What label is that?I think I have a short waist and never wear a belt.

  4. Saw the cardigan, fell in love with it, ordered, it just arrived in time for our flight to Barcelona and Prague tomorrow! – Love your style!

  5. says:

    hi anne! this comment just warmed my heart. you will love prague – one of my favorite cities. but then, so is barcelona. safe travels!
    xxoo beth

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