power of plaid

  1. Carolyn says:

    Aloha, my friend, it’s such a cheerful outfit I love it!

  2. Julia says:

    Looooove this look!

  3. Kathy Slamar says:

    How do you determine whether something from Target or any less expensive store is a good buy. I’m always afraid it won’t hang right or the quality won’t be good. Any ideas on what to look for?
    PS I just found your blog and love it. Love your hair too! I just let mine go grey so I’m thrilled to see how young you look!

    • styleatacertainage@gmail.com says:

      Hi Kathy,

      The most important thing I look for when shopping for clothes is fit – fit is king (or queen as in our case) and trumps everything, including price. Sadly, I’ve seen far too many high and low end brands with a very poor fit due to a lack of a skilled labor force. Next on my list is how is the garment constructed? Do the stripes line up? How are the seams finished? Serged or french? Is it lined? Underlined? What do the buttons look like? Can I spice up the look with new buttons? What type of cotton, wool or silk is the garment made from?

      As in the case with the blazer from Target I asked myself these questions before I headed to the check-out lane. What I found was a garment that was very well made. It had fun details like yellow pick-stitching along the inside placket and a collar lined in bright yellow wool that I knew I could pop up. Also, the plaid lined up perfectly along each of the seams, the pockets were finished with a welt, and the inside sleeves were lined with a stripe that many high end blazers boast as a finishing detail. So for the price, I think it was on sale for $35.00?, it was a bargain for me and I scooped it up without hesitation.

      Hope this helps for your next shopping expedition. Thanks, for stopping by! So happy to hear you like my hair.

      xxoo beth

      • Kathy Slamar says:

        Thanks so much for your fast reply! Great ideas. I think I will run to Target and see what they have now:)

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