how to wear jeans

  1. Regina says:

    Dear Beth,
    there has been a recent article in the german press that a women over 53 should not wear jeans any more. LOL!
    I like all of your styles (got some good inspiration for new combinations at the same time- thanks 😉
    Well I am 54.., and will definitely never give up my jeans :-)) but will leave out some of the more recent fancy destroyed looks..

  2. Pauline says:

    The patent to make cotton work trousers with rivets was granted 146 years ago in 1873! Not 1973.
    The blue fabric, denim, comes from the French “de Nîmes” as the fabric comes originally from the city of Nimes. (Sorry, can’t get the correct accent to work on my keyboard)

  3. Mary Wildey says:

    Beth, I so enjoyed your blog and will be following it in the future….you have great style, and make it all look effortless!

    I love how you use color in your outfits, you have inspired me to wear more. Love your yellow shoes and you look great in red.

    I’m 65 and lucky enough to still wear skinny jeans. Love the skinnies but like straight leg with boots. You are right, jeans can be dressy also. I wear them with heels all the time to dinner in the evening.

    Looking forward to further posts, thanks so much for all the ideas. I actually wish we could go to lunch….

  4. Claudia Di Rienzo says:

    Hi Beth:
    I follow you from Spain! I hav just turned 50, and my body has, os is still, changing and I really needed some styles tricks to follow, because I reject to feel old 🙂
    I want to ask you please to publish a video or ideas about how to use silk scarfs. Sometimes I see you use them with your blazers, and I thik they look wuper good. And there are different knots and styles.
    Thanks and congratulation for your blog.

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