How to Style a Monochromatic Outfit

  1. Vikki Andrews says:

    What is up with your hair? Are you letting it grow out or something???

  2. Andrea says:

    Love monochromatic outfits – quick, easy, sophisticated. I like to add a touch of colour, with accessories though.

    I love the coat! That being said, I prefer real fur to fake fur. I know, I know, cruelty etc., but being a farm girl, unless you’re a vegan, what the difference between leather shoes, wallets, bags, clothing and fur? The only difference is that the fur has been scraped off. If any type of farming is done properly, it is humane in this century. Another thing to really focus on, is that fake leathers and furs, are usually part of the plastics family and are just as toxic for the environment. For example, I have several of my mother’s fur coats, which are now at least 50 yrs old and pristine. They are extremely warm and will be that way, long after I pass. The best wool coats are leather lined to the waist for this reason also. My furs, will outlast any fake fur, and will therefore not be part of the plastic/landfill problems. The irony being, I saw a magnificent full length fur the other day and complimented the lady (my age). She thanked me and said she had picked it up at a thrift store for $25.. It was -30, and we were both warm.

    My point being, that we need to realize how things ‘really’ impact our landfills. Modern materials are not always better. There is a real movement now for recycling and repurposed wool/polyester in stores like Banana Republic, Club Monaco, Lily Silk. Just saying….no offence to anyone meant.

    • Lindsey A says:

      Andrea, thank you so much for your perspective. I recently saw a woman about my age (mid 40’s) in a real fur coat and it was beautiful. I have a friend who has a real fur of her moms and she let me borrow it one evening when we were sitting outside – so cozy, so soft. Here in the bay area it is pretty taboo, but its something I’ve been thinking about a lot (because of those 2 jackets I saw first hand), and I was tending towards agreeing with your views on the farming part of it (no different to leather or eating meat), also vintage coats are already there, so refusing to wear fur is a waste with those coats. But then I read your comments about the sustainability re: landfill and fabric composition (with faux being plastics family) and you’ve convinced me! I’d not thought about that angle, but it is such a good one.

  3. Rhonda says:

    Wow Beth you always look stunning but who would have thought monochromatic could look this good?! I’m wondering why it looks so youthful. Maybe the sleeve length of the blouse coupled with the bare legs/nude hosiery ? Any way, love it! Thanks for sharing.

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