How to Buy Summer Lingerie

  1. Marcia says:

    Hi Beth and thank you for this great post!
    I would also like to suggest Dillards. They have knowledgeable and patient certified bra fitters. I I pop in for a visit on a yearly.
    They always have a good selection of 34G which is a plus for me!
    Have a great day and terrific week!

  2. Maura McGillicuddy says:

    Great reding, but as a Breast Cancer survivor, I can’t wear most of these bras–can’t with reconstruction–can’t wear underwire. Why didn’t your post include recommendations for those lie me, with two different breast sizes. Also lingerie for those, like me, with curves. And I’ve had professional bra fittings…and most of the fitters can’t figure out what to do about my reconstruction when fitting me. I’ve discovered Jockey and Bali bras which go up to XXL. The cups are more forgiving for those of us with different size breasts.

  3. Carolina Girl says:

    I just recently had a bra fitting at Dillards! I do yearly like Marcia. Living in NC, it’s my favorite for bras (great shoe dept. too). LOVE Wacoal Brand also, Beth, and Natori (second choice) has some nice bras also. My Wacoals are so worth the $. I’ve learned that cheap bras don’t last or do a good job (IMO and for me). Foundation is too important.

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