healthy skin at 30,000 feet

  1. Diane Johnston says:

    What brand & color nail polish are you wearing in this post?

  2. Georgia Peach says:

    Drink water,water,water pre-flight.
    If you’ve never tried spritzing Mario Badescu facial spray with aloe,herbs and rosewater on your face it is heavenly!
    Enjoy the day!

  3. Suzanne M Smith says:

    I like the travel bags. I am all about organizing so I can find exactly what I’m looking for in my bags. Everything in its place. Saves so much time if you’re good about planning for it all.

  4. MaryLynne says:

    Due to multiple knee surgeries recently my mobility is restricted. I’m glad we have our small motor coach which allows me to travel without much walking and I can bring full size cosmetics, a decent wardrobe, and my 2 Siamese cats. Not being able to do the mall, your blog has given me inspiration to look at my closet in new ways and order items online so I can be a fashionable traveler

  5. Lyn says:

    Invaluable information! I use the entire Paula’s Choice line and have been taking good care of my skin for years. I saw a friend recently that I have known for years, but haven’t seen each other in person for a while. She said – you still have that porcelain skin – how nice. I plan on ordering the Colleen R. travel kit for my 45 yr. old daughter who will be taking a 3 week trip this summer – lots of beach time – I think she will love it. Beth, your nails look gorgeous. You are a rock star!

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