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every few months i post photos of my haircut because questions about my hair are the most commonly asked at Style at a Certain Age. and i’m happy to share the products i use on a day-to-day basis especially anti-aging hair care products. i turn sixty this year and know a thing or two about taking care of aging skin and hair.  there’s a pixie tutorial posted on opens in a new windowYouTube that shows step-by-step how i style my latest haircut.


for those who have read the blog from its inception (we celebrate three years this week! stay tuned as i have something up my sleeve…) know i had an amazing stylist in san francisco! when we relocated to georgia, it took me months and months to find a replacement. karmen’s shoes were tough to fill. if you’re interested, you can read all about this talented woman, yes, she’s a musician to boot with several albums to her credit, on my Over | Under series here.


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but nothing lasts forever. after our cross-country move, the dreaded search began for a new hair salon and a new stylist. can anyone relate? there have been a few hits and misses along the way, but my search ended with a hair stylist located in athens! lucky me. a short haircut can be tricky to style. and it’s always about elegant layers. but Joseph knows his stuff, and i leave the salon looking and feeling my best which is what a great hairstyle should do for you. a fantastic haircut is your best accessory because it keeps you looking at the top of your game day in and day out.

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now that my hair is in good hands with Joseph i rely on his expertise to keep my hair healthy and vibrant. did you know there are special products made specifically for aging hair and grey hair? as we age our hair ages with us. many of us have noticed our hair has become thinner, drier and more brittle. oil glands shrink as we age, so our hair slows down on the natural production of oils. many of us might notice significant hair loss. losing hair is natural at any age but as we age hair follicles get smaller producing fine hairs and loses strength. yikes!

so how do we combat the effects of aging hair? first and foremost healthy hair starts with a healthy diet. this resonates with me as nutrition has become a top priority in 2018. lot’s of lean protein is important, avoiding too much fat, eating the right carbs, and drinking lots of water is key.

get a regular trim every six to eight weeks to keep your hair healthy and growing. washing your hair removes natural oils so skip a few days. since i workout regularly i alternate wash and conditioner with conditioner only. and since we’re on the topic of washing hair remember that wet hair is fragile. instead of wrapping your hair in a towel after your shower just blot with a towel. chemical treatments like bleaching, straightening and dying cause the hair to become stiff and dry, causing it to break. one reason i choose to keep my hair au naturel. if you decide to color your hair, you might want to consider highlights and lowlights that require fewer touch-ups than dying. or if you continue to color your hair (lot’s of choices in the 21st century, ladies, don’t you love it?!) just make certain to use the best products for color treated hair.

here are the products i use daily and weekly to keep my hair in tip-top condition. i’ve learned that masques are a key step that adds moisture to my hair. 

shampoo,  opens in a new windowKerastase Discipline Bain Fluidealiste. conditioner  opens in a new windowKerastase Discipline Fondant Fluidealiste. once a week: deep conditioner  opens in a new windowKerastase Discipline Maskeratine.

i alternate  opens in a new windowKerastase with opens in a new window Kevin Murphy Young Again products made specifically for aging hair. opens in a new windowYoung Again Wash, opens in a new windowYoung Again Rinse, and opens in a new windowYoung Again Masque.

last but not least i use hair and shampoo that specifically keep my grey hair from looking dull and lifeless. opens in a new windowR+CO Sunset Blvd Blonde Shampoo, opens in a new windowR+CO Sunset Blvd Blonde Conditioner.

happy sunday, ladies!

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  1. Kathysue wrote:

    Your hair is gorgeous and oh how I wish I could look like that in a pixy cut. Gorgeous hair and gorgeous lady!!!

    Posted 3.18.18
    • hi miss kathy!
      thanks for stopping by. you know i always love to hear from you. i think i hit the lottery with a head of thick hair. although it does have a mind of its own.

      Posted 3.26.18
  2. Christina Anderson wrote:

    love your haircut and style. What texture is your hair?

    Posted 3.19.18
    • hi christina,
      my hair is thick and wavy with a mind of its own!
      hope this helps.

      Posted 3.26.18

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