floral pants

  1. Jodie Filogomo says:

    This looks is perfect, and I love that you paired it with sandals!! jodie
    ps…a mojito is always a good idea in my book!!

  2. Sandra Sallin says:

    Thanks for anticipatingmy question about your lipstick. Do you always wear bright lipstick? I was wearing a brownie berry pale lipstick thikingit loed cool. Then saw a photograph and thought I looked ill. 🙂 Grey hair =bright lipstick?

    • styleatacertainage@gmail.com says:

      i do like bright lipstick colors. i recently had on a brownish red shade and had the same reaction as you did – i looked like death warmed over. cool skin tones – cool lipstick shades.

    • beth djalali says:

      hi sandra!
      i thought i had replied to this comment…but, i do like to weak bright lipstick. recently, on the advice of my trusted make-up advisor, i went with a reddish-brown lip shade by chanel. my lunch almost came up when i looked at my photo shoot! i’m thinking that since my skin color is fair, my lipstick should compliment it.

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