February favorites from HSN

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do i have a fun post for you today! it’s all about my February favorites from opens in a new window HSN. last month, i partnered with opens in a new windowHSN to talk about a little bit of this and a little bit of that. because that’s what this shopping channel is all about. there are so many wonderful products available, from opens in a new windowair fryers to opens in a new windowboot cut jeans from Iman to a opens in a new windowskincare fridge and the opens in a new windowroller lash mascara from opens in a new windowBenefit featured on opens in a new windowColleen Lopez’s The List. i had the privilege of meeting this amazing woman during my stint as a guest host in 2018. read all about that adventure here. this month former opens in a new windowHSN host opens in a new windowConnie Carroll Craig jewelry line launched this month on opens in a new windowHSN. it’s always a good day when we can cheer on any and all hardworking female entrepreneurs. so stay tuned to February favorites from opens in a new windowHSN.

what i’m loving lately is the next generation in beauty storage from opens in a new windowVanity Planet. it’s the cutest little opens in a new windowskincare fridge that’s on my must-have list. many of you know that my master bathroom is scheduled for a complete overhaul in April. one of the items we discussed was a opens in a new windowskincare fridge that will preserve my favorite beauty products. storing facial rollers inside a fridge means they’re cool to the touch giving extra depuffing benefits when needed. at the moment, i store my jade roller in my kitchen fridge, but then I forget it’s there… opens in a new windowHSN to the rescue. don’t forget HSN has convenient flex-pay too. no wonder we all love to shop there.

february favorites from HSN

as i mentioned, it’s always a little bit of this and a whole lotta that at opens in a new windowHSN. opens in a new windowslippers are a must-have with all the time spent at home in our comfy cozies. but when it’s time to head out of the house, i’m always ready to have a opens in a new windowjumpsuit from opens in a new windowG by Giuliana on hand – they’re one and done. and opens in a new windowboot cut jeans from opens in a new windowIman are flattering on every body shape thanks to the wider leg. and y’all know how much i love opens in a new windowPatricia Nash handbags that are a complement to any outfit. this opens in a new windowTinchi leather convertible handbag is a hands-free belt bag.

a long-time favorite mascara is opens in a new windowTwo Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. but i was recently introduced to opens in a new windowBenefit Cosmetics Double the Roll Roller Lash Duo. the hook and roll brush grabs separates and temporarily lifts and separates your lashes for a dramatic look. and we all know whiter and brighter teeth are a must-have for a modern, fresh, and relevant look. love to have opens in a new window Intelliwhite Teeth Whitening on hand.

and i can’t overlook a few key gadgets like an opens in a new windowAir Fryer that’s the ultimate healthy machine. if you have pets, then you know how handy a vacuum can be. but a opens in a new windowRoomba Robot Vacuum does all the work for you. it goes from carpet to hardwood with ease. and the opens in a new windowDyson Pure Hot + Cool Link purifies the air and sends a cool breeze your way. last but not least is the opens in a new windowNeat Living Rechargeable Fabric Shaver with Lint Roller that keeps my sweaters in tip-top shape.

a big thank you to HSN and ShopStyle for this sponsored post. and thank you, lovely readers, for supporting the brands that allow me to bring you fresh ideas.


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  1. linda zola sharim wrote:

    love your blog …been reading and watching a long time. The light lipstick is not your best look.. I also have silver hair and I have enjoyed your bright color lipsticks. The light color is not doing you justice.

    Posted 2.25.21
    • ha ha! i go through so many phases when it comes to lip shades. some women like the lighter color and some are like you
      and don’t. one thing is for sure, my makeup changes regularly. but in this photo, i had actually forgotten to put any on at all!

      Posted 2.25.21
  2. Sherry wrote:

    Hi – do you have any source information on your sweater? It is stunning. 😊

    Posted 2.25.21
    • the sweater is from Frances Valentine

      Posted 2.25.21
  3. Pam wrote:

    I shop at HSN all the time. My favorite vendors are Heidi Daus and Marla Wynn. I also like Colleen Lopez. I’d be interested in knowing how you like Heidi’s jewelry since it is larger and blingier.

    Posted 2.25.21
    • Love Heidi Daus Jewelry. i had an entire post dedicated to her line. here it is if you missed it!

      Posted 2.25.21
    • Pat Lawrence wrote:

      Do you have any info on a toner for grey/silver hair. Something to give it a little pizzazz? I read about it somewhere but can’t find the info now. Do you use anything like that.

      Posted 2.25.21
      • i don’t personally use a toner but i would ask your hairstylist for their two-cents.

        Posted 2.25.21
  4. MaryLynne wrote:

    Hi Beth
    I love the sweater you are wearing. Is it still available and where did you get it? I vowed not to buy any more clothes but that sweater would go with many things already in my closet. Thanks for all your good fashion ideas!!

    Posted 2.25.21
    • thanks for being here, MaryLynne! the sweater is from Frances Valentine.

      Posted 2.25.21
  5. Everyday i am looking forward to your blog.
    you are my favorite!!!

    Posted 2.25.21
    • i so appreciate you being here!

      Posted 2.25.21
  6. CIndy Smith wrote:

    HSN has some great brands & good value. Where can we read your post about HSN & Colleen Lopez ?
    She seems like she would be so much fun & you can tell she knows her stuff !

    Posted 2.25.21
  7. Joanie wrote:

    Hi Beth
    I like the pinky pink lip color with your skin tone and coloring. You also look great in the brighter more dramatic colors when your outfits are deeper and brighter colored. This is an interesting post. Thanks for some great ideas. What do you like to cook in your air fryer? I do not have one, but I am intrigued.

    Posted 2.25.21
  8. Mary wrote:

    Please tell us about your beautiful cardigan!

    Posted 2.25.21
    • the sweater is from Frances Valentine.

      Posted 2.26.21

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