the sunday brief | denim for daze

  1. Sarah Watson Vinson says:

    I loved your video and look forward to more!! Your my fashion soul sister!!!!

  2. Sharon Woryn says:

    Terrific, informative video! I’m with you—I love denim. Now that I am retired, I enjoy my denim even more because of its versatility. As you said, you can make it look casual or chic. I love my bootcut jeans. Denim should be a staple in every woman’s closet. Denim goes with everything. What are your thoughts on denim with denim—what some refer to as a “Texas tuxedo”?

  3. Rebecca Saffer says:

    This video is wonderful and oh so timely for me. I am shopping for new jeans for the spring and to accommodate my rather shapeless and swollen knee (following 2 recent knee surgeries). You have quite the collection and gave some great ideas for incorporating more denim into our wardrobes.

    • beth djalali says:

      well, take heart, your swollen knee will go down at some point. although, knee injuries (and subsequent surgery) are nothing to sniff at. so take your physical therapy seriously! but i’m happy to hear you have some denim ideas for spring.

  4. Susan Young says:

    I feel as though I live in denim and I love it! I appreciated your comment regarding distressed jeans and the discomfort some women of a certain age may feel about the trend. I agree with you – do what you feel comfortable with. I rock a pair of distressed jeans and do so proudly.

  5. Sue Smith says:

    Well, these are lots of great denim looks. I admit I never had a job, until this one at Duke, where I could actually wear denim to work. (I work for the environmental grad school) For certain occasions, I will wear dressier things, but I absolutely love that I can wear denim–I usually wear a fun jacket or in other ways dress them up, but it’s so comfortable. I still pinch myself sometimes realizing how fortunate I am.

    I am of the era where I had to wear heels and dresses and suits for years, and I just love that I can wear whatever I want to in this job.

    • beth djalali says:

      i think you just might have the perfect job, sue! and the fact you can wear denim makes it even better. i know you have some jazzy ways to dress your blue jeans up on any give day!

  6. Karen Wallace says:

    I love the YouTube video on jeans. Every time I go shopping for jeans I stand in the aisle and have no idea what to buy. It’s like bathing suit shopping for me. I want something stylish, doesn’t show my 10 extra lbs. and doesn’t look too young. On the weekend I purchased my first pair of boyfriend jeans and can’t wait to add some of these other variations to my closet! Keep up the videos please as it certainly helps with my transition I am going through in my closet.

    • beth djalali says:

      see! finding the right pair of blue jeans is very similar to bathing suit shopping. but when you finally find that perfect pair (and there is a pair) you want to break out into a song and dance.
      i’m thrilled you are on the hunt, and already scored some boyfriend jeans.

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