classic winter coats

  1. Susan Kelley says:

    Ditch the scarf! The oufit is elegant as is!

  2. Christine says:

    Oh Beth , that gray coat is absolutely gorgeous! It has been quite some time when I’ve worn such a beauty . Maryland winter weather has gotten warmer over the years .
    There is really no need for me to purchase a longer coat . Other reasons …
    longer coats are cumbersome while driving , I am more casual in my attire and it seems as if my temperature mech may be “off” – I get warm very quickly ! I have quite a few “cape type” winter wraps that are so comfortable. I am retired , widowed , and do not have the opportunity to dress as I used to . I miss that look .
    Classic style will forever reign for me .
    You look lovely in that coat !

  3. Michelle Hamric says:

    A beautiful gray longer coat and winter scarf. I love a colorful scarf to add to my coat, but I don’t like that my scarf adds lint to my coat. That means I have to use a lint remover every time after wearing my coat. I get rather tired of that and tend to stop wearing my winter scarves. Do you know of a way to stop the scarf lint from getting all over my coat? Does anyone else have this problem

  4. Meg Knox says:

    Hi Beth, from “down under” I am enjoying your daily posts but had to laugh at your choice of topic today…..Classic Winter Coats. In Perth, Western Australia we have experienced today 43 degrees & coats are the last thing on our minds. We seem to be 6 months behind you and your lovely styles presented. Thank you for a wonderful insight to such a Stylish way of live. Kind regards Meg Knox 1.8.21.

  5. Susie says:

    That coat is stunning on you! I saw it on the web site and thought, “if only I didn’t live in Florida…”

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