1. crillonparis says:

    Great outfit…but, again, the primary focus is on that gorgeous duster which is not available!

    • beth djalali says:

      The best and worst aspect of the blog are items on style repeat. But that’s what classic style is all about and has been for decades.

      • crillonparis says:

        “Style repeat” is greatly appreciated, but I think many readers also look forward to actually purchasing the style that’s being repeated. The Misook duster you’re modeling in that gorgeous shade is unavailable, and the alternates listed are barely close in style or color. Honestly, based on the title of the blog, I expected to see more items currently for sale in the “ballet slipper” or blush color, so that was disappointing. For me, I read blogs for styling ideas and to make purchases, and this time around, I came away just frustrated. I really do prefer the blog posts, like the recent Talbots one, where what you model is something I can buy. Just my two cents…

        • beth djalali says:

          completely understand your yearn for current fashion which is available for a fleeting moment. this blog represents classic style that is ageless and timeless and can be mixed and matched for decades to come.
          of course, just my two cents…

  2. Sue Smith says:

    Lovely pale pink shade–pretty! The shoes are wonderful!

  3. Deanna says:

    I love the style of that coatigan. The color is very pretty.

    I don’t have a large budget for clothing so I don’t follow you to buy what your wearing. I like to see your ootd and see how I can duplicate the look on my budget or perhaps put certain colors together, or see what kind of boots are trending, etc. You have a friendly and approachable style. I also like your videos!

  4. Cindy L says:

    Beth, great outfit — you look wonderful, as always. As an aside, I am gathering ideas as to how I can wear faux leather leggings/pants. I love how they look on you and other models — but I can’t seem to find a pair that doesn’t make me look like I’m trying out for a role in American Horror Story. Honestly, I am slim, the but leather leggings I’ve tried make my legs look like sausages squeezed into casings. I’ve tried going up a size to get less “cling” in the legs, but then the waist is too loose. I also wonder if I look like I’m trying too hard … When you wear them, the fit looks classy and more relaxed. Any tips you have in a future post would be welcome!

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