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  1. Kathy Perdue says:

    I am new to your blog but now a subscriber. I spent quite a bit of time last night perusing your past post. I finally found someone of a certain age with good style sense, timeless and classic. Thank you for posting what you are wearing, and I must say,wearing it very well. I so appreciate the time you take to show us out here in cyber space. I would love to have the links to some of what you are wearing. I notice you don’t have links, however I do appreciate you telling us where you purchased your pieces. Keep spreading good fashion for we woman that still want to dress well at any age!
    Kathysue 65 years young!

    • says:

      thanks, kathy! so happy that you ‘discovered’ me! i’m still a little amazed how we find each other in cyberspace (my children have been doing so for years and are quite unamazed, yawn) but always welcome a fellow sojourner that’s on the fashion journey as well! i will keep on posting, please bear with me as i navigate this blog process. other readers have expressed that links are important so stay tuned!

      xxoo beth

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