aging with strength, beauty, and grace

since we’ve been discussing all things new this past month, i thought i would introduce a segment that’s near and dear to my heart: aging with strength, beauty, and grace. but what does it mean to age gracefully? if you’ve hit the ripe old age of fifty, this thought most likely has crossed your mind. many of us might think we need to cling to our youth. wanting to look as young as we can for as long as we can. there are also those who adopt a status quo mindset that accepts weight gain and sagging skin as a natural part of aging. but are we to spend our golden years easing into a long and relaxing retirement with a mindset to match? or is there something more?

there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the “prime” years of our life. life after fifty, sixty and beyond. but i do believe that aging gracefully has everything to do with our inner attitude and gratitude toward life. to me, it means staying curious and living a fit and vital life. so i’d like to start addressing the fundamentals of feeling fit and vital at every age and share some thoughts on exercise, nutrition, building self-confidence, beauty tips – anything and everything that will help us lead our best lives, which are essential to aging gracefully.

aging with strength beauty and grace

a good place to start is to consider how fit, young, and vital you are today. but what, exactly, does vitality mean? according to the dictionary, vitality is a noun and means the state of being strong and active; energy. it seems to me that a vital life is a life well lived on the inside as well as the outside. because a vital woman exudes outer confidence while maintaining an inner beauty. in the weeks and months to come, i’d like to visit what it means to lead a fit, young and vital life. what it truly means to age with strength, beauty, and grace.

skincare tips and tricks

every year like clockwork i schedule a dermatologist appointment. with fair skin, blue eyes, and growing up in a generation that gave no thought to sunscreen i definitely have a great deal of damage to my skin. i’ve even had a bout with skin cancer, so we keep a close eye on every square inch of my skin. on my latest visit at the beginning of the year, we removed three pre-cancerous growths with a simple freeze-dry technique. when i checked out, i also picked up a Retinol A Serum that i apply three times a week at night.

over the years i’ve incorporated a simple beauty regimen to keep my skin looking healthy, vibrant, and feeling great. as a young teen, my mother insisted i wash my face before bedtime and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. back then, i used Noxzema. anyone else familiar with this cleanser? it’s still in existence to this day. back then, it came in a blue jar and left my skin with a tingle. if i wasn’t raiding my mother’s beauty counter for the good stuff, she kept Elizabeth Arden and Estee Lauder on hand, i regularly moisturized with Nivea. while i’ve tried lots of different beauty products the past forty-five years, my easy beauty routine has stayed in place. i religiously cleanse my face morning and night and moisturize twice a day. mom, you would be proud of me. 

today, i’ve rounded up ten tips and tricks that keep my skin in tip-top condition. what’s my number one rule? remove any trace of makeup before bedtime. it’s simple, i know, but going to bed without makeup gives your skin a chance to breathe. lately, i’ve been using elemis cleansing oil. let’s take a look at nine more tips that help me stay at the top of my game.

2. every month i visit my local spa for a facial. this is one pleasure i don’t feel guilty about. it’s an hour out of my busy schedule when i can unwind and relax. and my skin loves the attention it receives. i usually add a glycolic peel and go sans makeup for the entire day. try philosophy for an at-home two-step microdelivery resurfacing peel. in-between visits i love malin+goetz glycolic acid pads or revive glycolic renewal peel.

3. i wear sunblock with an spf 30 or higher. i used to rely solely on tinted moisturizer, which included a SPF. not anymore.

4. i stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. this should be a no-brainer, but when i don’t follow this simple rule, i notice my skin looks dull and tired. to remind me of how much water i drink each day i carry a 20-ounce Yeti tumbler. if you like your water cold, then you will love this tumbler.

5. i exfoliate once a week. sometimes twice a week. an exfoliator sloughs off dead skin cells and leaves my skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

6. many of you know i started a fitness journey at the beginning of 2018 that focuses on nutrition combined with daily workouts. i always had exercise down pat, but i foolishly believed a calorie was a calorie, whether it came from processed food or nutrient-dense food. but there’s a big difference between 300 calories consumed with broccoli or 300 calories consumed in potato chips. i don’t even think i could eat 300 calories in broccoli as it fills you up quickly. but i know for certain i could easily down 300 calories worth of chips and still be hungry. i don’t know why it took sixty years for my brain to wrap its head around the fact that what we eat day in and day out counts. 

foods rich in essential fatty and Omega 3 acids are so important to include in your diet. this is one type of fat you don’t want to cut back on. so i try to add foods high in Omega 3 acids into my diet. my favorites are salmon, avocados, almonds, and anchovies. 

7. vitamin c helps prevent free radical damage associated with skin aging. adding this one product to my nighttime routine has been a game-changer. my skin is definitely brighter.

8. if i need to destress i unplug my electronics, apply a mask and take a catnap. it works every time.

9. i wash my makeup brushes daily with this cleansing sponge. these cleansing wipes are great for travel. recently, i purchased a makeup brush travel set that i keep packed in my toiletries bag. once a week i wash my brushes with baby shampoo.

10. after i apply my lipstick i add a lip balm to keep my lips hydrated. nothing is worse than dry lips unless it’s dry hands. so i keep a tube of malin+goetz mojito lip balm on hand for prevention.

today we talked about aging with strength, beauty and grace.  let know what health and wellness topics you would like to learn more about so that we can live our best life today and every day.



  1. Judy wrote:

    Do you recommend eyelash extensions?

    Posted 1.23.20
    • Karen Vatter wrote:

      Morning from the UK. Just about to turn 60 on Tuesday, but I still feel like the little girl that watched my Mum use Ponds Cold Cream, Noxema and Nivea. She taught me to use eye cream from the age of 13. Never missed a night. I think I might like your “real” blog. Thanks.

      Posted 1.25.20
  2. Heidi Danas wrote:

    very positive article. and yes, I do remember noxema!

    Posted 1.23.20
  3. valerie taylor wrote:

    Thank you Beth I cannot tell you what a help you have been to me. As a woman of 64 I wanted so much to have grace while ageing. I closely follow your words of wisdom and would like you to continue as you have been. I find each and every blog interesting and it has certainly helped me mature with dignity.

    Posted 1.23.20
  4. Maura wrote:

    I love today’s post. I started subscribing to your posts because I need a new point of view as I age. I started this journey because I didn’t want to look dowdy. I’m now looking at my wardrobe differently. I now have monthly messages. I make sure I have all my annual medical exams. I now call maintenance. I volunteer, keep up with friends, watch shows that give me a different because at 63, I want to remain relevant!

    Posted 1.23.20
  5. Sylvia Espinoza wrote:

    Excellent advice, and you articulate it beautifully. Am also a Noxema gal from way back then. As a teen, my mom also insisted I use OJ’s Beauty Lotion on a cotton ball to complete the cleansing. Across the years, these early steps yielded great impact! Can’t say it enough, but no matter the age, never go to bed without washing off makeup. In 1980, learned skin ages 72 hours instead of 8 because it can’t rejuvenate itself if clogged. And mascara overnight makes lashes brittle…and they don’t grow back fast. No matter where we are today, aging gracefully means embracing life with a joyful attitude, and somehow our body and appearance improve. Once we begin to notice slight improvements, it motivates to keep going to better ourselves. You know you’re on track when your doctors remark that you’re aging well! So keep the advice coming, Beth, either as a reminder for some or a launching pad for others~

    Posted 1.23.20
  6. Pat Billings wrote:

    Enjoy your style tips (and health tips) greatly! I’m 78 and I do remember Noxema. I think it’s all my mother ever used. I agree with all your tips today…..but, can’t quite eat Salmon😣. And “a day without chocolate, is a day without sunshine” for me. At least I try to eat more dark than milk chocolate.

    Posted 1.23.20
  7. Mary C wrote:

    Thanks for this great post, Beth. I really appreciate that you incorporate this type of information as well as the lovely fashions. It makes your postings on living our best lives from 50 on very holistic.

    Posted 1.23.20
  8. Mickey wrote:

    Beth – great post! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us! Very informative!

    Posted 1.23.20
  9. Teresa wrote:

    You do such wonderful and interesting posts! You always look magnificent too!! I love your style! I’m now 65, at a transition phase in life, and I have begun to worry that my life is running out. I take care of myself the best I can with diabetes, but I worry about life being too short while I watch my 93 year old mother failing as well. How can I turn off these thoughts about life passing too quickly? Thank you!

    Posted 1.23.20
  10. Francesca wrote:

    Wonderful post today Beth, so helpful thank you!
    I am 56 and I really like a Vitamin C serum you can buy at Amazon called Turskin Vitamin C serum that seems to make a difference. Also Trader Joes do a cheap and nifty moisterizer mask that comes in a thin package that you peel on and off. And Fresh at Sephora do a lovely Rose facial mask that I use as well.
    And yes lots of sunscreen!!

    Posted 1.23.20
  11. Suzanne Smith wrote:

    God, do I remember Noxzema! (I have to admit, though, that I hated the smell. Same with Ponds–I love the consistency of both, but don’t like their smell. Isn’t that silly?) I do love a good gentle cleanser and also have never gone to bed without cleaning my face and moisturizing it. I actually also use a Retinol cream on it overnight, and I can tell it’s helped my skin have more firmness to it because of that. I make my own body scrubs, with virgin coconut oil, brown sugar, and essential oils–I sometimes use lavender, sometimes lemon, rose, or sometimes clove. (I actually loooove the clove–I feel like a gingerbread cookie when I come out of the shower, all smooth and soft!) I also use baking soda and make a scrub to exfoliate my feet and soften them. Excellent advice all around.

    Posted 1.23.20
    • Suzanne Smith wrote:

      ps–oh, and I also daily use a light face cream with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid in it. Feels wonderful.

      Posted 1.23.20
  12. Andrea wrote:

    Love your attitude, Beth. Beware of retinol and peels for drying and sun intolerance. La Roche Posey is a derm brand from France with photo stabilization. The 50spf mineral lotion for the face is really good for summer. Don’t get the tinted as I find it stains cloths. Nuxe is another highly recommended French brand for moisture/wrinkles. I love the Mervallence. As for everything else, you are what you eat. Nurses and MUAs have all told me I look more like 60than 70. Water and a Mediterranean diet, no tanning – our family just always did. I love sweet almond oil for makeup removal an a warm washcloth. Somehow we think it has to be complicated, but perhaps my allergies have saved me from that. Google those two brands. Your positive attitude will serve you well.

    Posted 1.23.20
  13. Vonda Smith wrote:

    Beth, you did a blog a few weeks ago about what shoes/boots to wear with various jean styles. I cannot find it again. Can you please tell me where to look? Thank you so much for all you do to keep me current with styles. I so appreciate you!

    Posted 1.23.20
  14. Melinda wrote:

    Thank you so much for this post! You have been so helpful with all of your advice on fashion!

    Love the skincare advice….ok, I ordered quite a few of the products! 😀

    Posted 1.23.20
  15. Barbara wrote:

    Even though I just turned 73 this past December I don’t feel like it. Thanks for sharing all your tips, you always look lovely in everything you wear. And oh yes I do remember Noxema

    Posted 1.23.20
  16. Jackie Gray wrote:

    I think this is one of your best posts, Beth. Thanks for all your tips!

    Posted 1.23.20
  17. Lynn Forbes wrote:

    Thank you for the reminder that self care is essential to growing older healthfully and gracefully! Can you please tell us the moisturizer/eye cream you use?

    Posted 1.23.20
  18. Lyn wrote:

    I love this post. Even though I am in my late 60’s – in my brain I am still 25! My husband asked me one day – don’t you realize that people look at you when we are out shopping? Ah, no. I think it’s a matter of good basic skin care, good posture, a wardrobe that enhances, and a bit of swag. I will continue with self care into my 70’s and beyond.

    Beth, can you do a post on what you use for skin care besides your face. I have been using dry brush exfoliating and would like your thoughts on that, and what moisturizers/exfoliators you use. Also, manicure and pedicure ideas. Your picture in this post is beautiful – love a good black turtleneck – it’s a sharp, youthful look.

    Posted 1.24.20
  19. Cindy Woods wrote:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this. Newly divorced (hard pressed on every side but not crushed), trying to get some confidence back…and you give it daily. You are such a light in my world!!!

    Posted 1.24.20
  20. Michelle wrote:

    What Retin A product do you use? 3x a week?

    Posted 1.27.20
  21. Allison wrote:

    Hi Beth. I have been following you for a while and especially enjoy your Fridays with Oscar. As I’m in having my 60th in June, I read the ageing with grace post and agree that as we age we need to keep looking vital and fresh, not old and dowdy.

    Posted 2.4.20
  22. Jenn T wrote:

    Just came across your blog. I found it interesting as I’m trying to grow older “Gracefully ” as well. You look amazing…by he way! ☺
    I’m 66 yrs old, still working part-time as a Developmental Support Worker. I do enjoy my job…helping others who need it brings me much joy and contentment. With that being said…there is still challenges on the job. Both my hubby and I look forward to retirement, but not exactly sure when that will be?
    For more then 20 years I worked in a fitness club/spa. I was the spa director, so I had access to exercise, eating healthy and body/skin treatments. After moving to a smaller town a few yrs ago, my exercise regime suffered. So…I’m working on getting back in shape as good as I can for my age, of course. I’m looking forward to reading your encouraging blog. 🤗

    Posted 2.7.20

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