5 Ways to Keep Your Look Modern, Fresh & Relevant

  1. Carolina Girl says:

    Great post! So on point. I’ll reread again later … and think about what I can do to improve.

    P.S. Will look at the NOLA info too — thanks!

    • MaryLynne says:

      I agree that a hairstyle is the most important thing to keep updated. I have a picture of my mother taken when she was in her early 60s. She looks older than I do at 80 because she has short permed gray hair. She also never did anything with her complexion but wash it with soap. I had a friend whom I always thought was older than I was because she had the same old lady hair and found out she was younger when she died. I am letting my hair grow out and am experimenting with styles that don’t make me look like an aging hippie. I don’t think older women look good with the flat straight hair that the 20-30 somethings are wearing. It needs to have some kind of style and a good cut that is flattering to one’s face. Your hair style looks good on you and is classic. I can’t imagine it ever going out of style

  2. Michelle Hamric says:

    Beth, classics are just the best! My husband is retiring on 31 March so I’ve been hitting some great sales at Dillard’s, Loft and Chicos. I’ve picked up some great classic, and updated, pieces in neutrals that will be in style for several years.

    I love wearing bright colors too essentially during the Spring and Summer. But, then I need my neutrals after several days of color. I used to religiously follow Color Me Beautiful and other color programs through the years. I know there are a few colors that aren’t good for my skin tone, however I really feel that I can wear a much wider range of colors than what I’ve been told. And, oh my, I wear cool AND warm colors even though I’m essentially cool/neutral. I’m guessing that you don’t prescribe much to all the color hoopla either, Beth!

  3. Hi Beth
    Excellent fashion and style tips, some items are always in style but not all of them like you said.
    Thank you again for sharing your classic modern style.

  4. Tracy says:

    This was a great post! I had to laugh because I lived thru most of those trends! And now, I’m embracing my age and your info was spot on! Thank you!

  5. Lyn says:

    I love the classics – with a twist now and then. When I was still working, a young lady that was an intern in our office said to me how great I always looked, and that she had never seen me wear the same thing twice. I just smiled and said thank you. Nothing could have been farther from the truth. I didn’t have a minimalist wardrobe, but everything worked together – all good quality classics. Long retired I still keep up with trends like a black leather moto jacket, chunky loafers, a French bob, but the foundation of my closet is based on the classics.

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