5 Versatile Pieces to Build Your Over 50 Wardrobe

  1. Kimberlee Pierce says:

    Where did you get the you me oui sweater? I love it

  2. Lori says:

    I absolutely love all of the five versatile pieces and the classic style featured. However, as much as I admire a white button up on others, they aren’t flattering or comfortable on me and cashmere is just too itchy and warm. I do have trench coats in black and tan that mostly hang in the closet as jackets are much more practical for me. Cute flat shoes and well-fitting jeans are definitely staples so 2 out of 5. Any suggestions for alternatives to a white button up and cashmere sweater?

    • Lindsey A says:

      I’m not Beth, obvs, so feel free to take this with a grain of salt! I’d say it took me trying on what felt like probably 738 white shirts before I found the right one! So it is worth persevering. Otherwise, a softer, more flowy fabric than white shirts can be, like a silk blouse maybe? In a different neutral colour? The ones from Quince are a good price and wash well. And then a lightweight cotton sweater instead of cashmere. I run really warm, always have done and it’s worse with menopause, and find cotton or cotton blend to be cooler than cashmere, as well as plenty soft.

  3. Pam Elkins says:

    Most trench coats are heavy and stiff. I loved the one worn on Madam President. It appeared to be gabardine and was worn casually over the shoulders and very fluid looking. Have you any source to know the brand?

  4. mary Lymberopoulos says:

    Did you attend the “Barbi’ movie & what did you think about the movie, Not sure if I will go.

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