5 Classic Preppy Outfits

  1. Michelle Hamric says:

    YAAYY!! for all things preppy. This has always been my most favorite style for me, even though I wandered from it for many years. Not anymore. I’ve declared PREPPY and wearing it proudly! And, who can forget Ali McGraw in Love Story. Such swoon- worthy preppy outfits in each scene. Like you, Beth, I was mesmerized by the outfits in this movie.

    And you look wonderful in all of your preppy outfits, Beth!

    • Beth Djalali says:

      Yay for preppy style. It will always be my first choice! And Ali McGraw in Love Story is what started my love affair with all things preppy.

  2. Always has been my favorite style,it’s one reason I started following you.
    You have great fashion sense and I love the way you stay on trend while still managing to be classy AND classic.
    Nice to have a look back at these great outfits.
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow ☘

  3. Carolina Girl says:

    Love Preppy too! And you do it very well! Love the outfits you put together and the ensemble pieces you highlight. Bravo!

    Jack Rogers sandals: I actually prefer Palm Beach brand (similar styling). Here’s an interesting story about Jackie’s iconic sandal:

    Look forward to seeing Oscar — Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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