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it’s always a good day when i introduce a female entrepreneur to all my lovely readers! since the inception of the blog, it’s been important to me to shed the spotlight on hard-working mama’s. both literally and figuratively. there are so many talented women who get up every morning, brush their teeth, throw an outfit together, slap on some lipstick and head out the door to share their creative juices with their family and the world. elizabeth jeffer is one such woman. elizabeth came to my attention through my future daughter-in-law (yes, there will finally be a wedding in the djalali house!) who is a big fan of Roztayger handbags. if there is one thing my soon to be daughter-in-law and i have in common it’s our mutual love for unique handbags. we both know the easiest way to add oomph to an outfit is with a fabulous tote, leather crossbody or evening clutch. and most handbags last a lifetime so it’s a no-brainer to invest in one. so, of course, i had to take a peek at Roztayger.com unique collection and here’s what i discovered.

Roztayger is an online shop that keenly offers a comprehensive, meticulously selected range of women’s bags, accessories and wardrobe essentials with the discerning, frequent-flying modern professional in mind. in the mix, you’ll find well-established labels as well as hard to find brands all whose entire focus is on quality, craft, no-compromise production values, and longevity.

bringing her fine eye for aesthetics which began in childhood and subsequently through majoring in art history at UC Berkeley, combined with her frequent globe-trotting adventures, founder elizabeth jeffer came across interesting and unique labels that led her to seek out the people behind them–which in turn prompted her to open this store. “twenty years ago i began building a career in the fashion industry. while working in various roles, i have consistently been drawn to smaller, independent-minded designers that don’t follow trends but instead draw upon ideas that stand the test of time–a bit of nostalgia mixed with forward-thinking design. the result is products that are timeless, beautiful and infinitely useful.”

the name Roztayger is a tribute to the grace, style and artistic spirir of elizabeth’s grandmother, rosalind tiger. don’t you love it? i’m a sucker when it comes to family. 

so what Roztayger handbag found its way into my closet? take a peek.
boden green cargo pants, st. james striped tee, old navy jean jacket, tory burch espadrilles
adrian allen shoes, a new day khaki pants trench coat, boden stripe tee
are you ready to meet the powerhouse behind Roztayger? i thought so. 
Elizabeth, are you over or under the age of 40?
Where does your inspiration come from?
My background is in Art History, so it’s safe to say beauty inspires me…fashion is not art per se but it is aligned. I have always been a visual person and felt most at peace when what I am looking at is in balance and harmonious in color, shape, and form. That sounds very formal, but when I dig deep to try and figure out what led me to this industry, I think it starts with this. This desire coupled with escapism – we all have our escape hatches.
What inspired you to found your own company?
It’s something I had wanted to do since my mid 20’s so its been a long time coming. Retail is not an easy business and managed to talk myself out of a store for many years… I was in the industry but in other capacities: management, buying (always for small, niche type stores). I almost opened a store in SF 20 years ago but then became a rep instead working with similar type designers I sell now: higher end, small run collections. Finally in my 40’s I decided I might as well try – the worst thing you can do is dream about something for years and never give it a go. I realized failing is always a possibility but not trying is much worse. This propelled me to launch seven years ago.

Ocean, lake or pool?
I would say Ocean… nothing like looking at the ocean. I’m not big on swimming in it, but looking is fantastic and very meditative. We all need more of that in the digital age.

What advice would you give your 20something self if you could?
I would say… get over the fear of failure and just jump in. I wish in some ways I’d started earlier but what can you do? We all face what we face at certain stages of our life, and at some point, you are either nudged to the edge and take the plunge, or you talk yourself out of things. It’s an individual survival mechanism.

Do you have a motto?
I would not say I have a motto, but I do believe in only spending time with people that enhance my life, align mostly with what I strongly believe in. I always say do everything in healthy moderation. Don’t be so hard on yourself. We all have to be our own cheerleaders.
What do you think of first impressions?
I think first impressions are more important in some scenarios than in others. When looking for a job, it’s obviously very important and bears thought in terms of presentation. We can control how we present ourselves visually. In general and in life first impressions happen all the time unconsciously. I would say 70% of the time they are correct and the other 30% they need to be revisited and corrected.
What is the best advice anyone has ever given you?
The best advice I ever got was from my father who always says “do your best, align yourself with good people and remember to enjoy life.” This is something that one is constantly working on – the balance comes and goes, but we have to keep reassessing and rebalancing.
Everyone has to start somewhere. What was your first job?
I worked at a boutique in Berkeley called Yasmine during my college years. I loved most of the customers and really enjoyed putting together outfits for people, earning their trust and enhancing their self-confidence. That was/is my bliss.
How do you describe your personal style?
My personal style is a balance of masculine and feminine. I like men’s style shirts and shoes with feminine touches. My uniform tends to be jeans, white or grey shirt, loafers or brogues and maybe a fun accessory in color like a bag or scarf. I like interesting accents, but I don’t like to be loud and over the top. I always say my clients like to “stand out quietly.”   I think that is my stylistic mantra as well.
thank you, elizabeth, for taking time from your busy schedule to stop by Style at a Certain Age. ladies, are you ready to do some shopping? Roztayger is offering my readers a 15% discount with code style15 until 3.22.18 on all full price items.

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  1. Sue Smith wrote:

    Always good to see entrepreneurial people take the leap. Some nice bags!

    Posted 3.15.18
    • it is a very good day when women take that leap, sue! love her selection of handbags.

      Posted 3.16.18

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