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Hello friends! Welcome back to Kelly’s Kitchen. You all probably remember that Beth had a birthday a couple weeks ago. What you didn’t know is that her oldest, my husband Alex, and Junior Style also have August birthdays. We celebrated with an Alaskan King Crab boil! Well, sort of…the potatoes, Andouille sausage, onions and corn were boiled separately with Old Bay seasoning. The crab legs were steamed on their own. (Because you just don’t need to mess with Alaskan King Crab!) It was absolutely wonderful – and we had a ton of leftovers. 

Leftovers, Take: 1

Last Sunday at our family brunch, I made homestyle potatoes with a good amount of the leftover potatoes and the Andouille. I also made scrambled eggs topped with the rest of the crab. But I had a lot of corn on the cob and potatoes still left over. So today, we are making Potato and Corn Soup. Perfect for now and for freezing to enjoy this winter.


Leftovers, Take: 2

Now, I realize that ya’ll probably don’t have pounds of leftover low country boil hogging up space in your fridge – not to worry, the recipe card will be for starting from scratch. But I thought it would be fun to share with you how I like to adapt recipes to fit my leftover situations. I do it all the time in fact, it’s probably my favorite way to cook – I love the challenge!

I have two sets of potato leftovers: the original boil potatoes and the homestyle potatoes which were crisped up on a griddle with a generous sprinkling of thyme and oregano, salt, pepper and drizzled with butter. The boil potatoes will be pureed with about half the corn, while the griddle potatoes will go into the soup after it’s blended (same with the bacon, fresh jalapeños and remaining corn). 

I started by baking the bacon in a 350 oven until cooked through with crisp edges. While the bacon cooked, I de-corned my little corn cobs. 

All of the boil potatoes (and boil onions) and half the corn went into a stock pot with 34 ounces of turkey bone broth. (2 cartons, 17 ounces each of Trader Joe’s Turkey Bone Broth). My potatoes are already cooked, so all I want to do here is get the pot to a boil and let it simmer until the potatoes are warmed through and squishy. 

With the heat turned off, I used my immersion blender to puree the potatoes and corn. I added a generous sprinkling of salt, pepper and Old Bay seasoning. 

I blended it to a good consistency, then I added half a cup of milk to smooth it all out a bit more. Then I poured the whole thing into my 12-quart Cambro to give myself more room to stir in the griddle potatoes, the remaining half of the corn, diced jalapeños and the cooked, chopped bacon (if you like, reserve some of the chopped bacon to use as a garnish for each bowl). 

Soup’s On!

Ladle the soup into bowls and top with reserved bacon and chopped flat leaf parsley. And just like that, you’ve made some humble leftovers that no one thought you’d finish into a delicious soup that will freeze well for winter. You will be reminded of the amazing crab boil you had in August…  Or maybe that’s just me…but anyway, Mission Accomplished!



Going back to the original meal (King Crab Boil), if you’re interested in King Crab and don’t happen to live where it’s abundant, or if it’s off season, I highly recommend ordering from 10th and M Seafoods in Anchorage Alaska. Many moons ago when I was in advertising, they were a client of mine. Over the years since then, I have always ordered hard-to-find-in-the-Lower-48 Alaskan seafood from them. They ship Fedex overnight and the quality is always outstanding! 

Thanks everyone for joining me today! Don’t forget you can find me on Instagram and Facebook too. Another great dish to get creative with leftovers is chicken salad!  let me know what you like to make with leftovers.  See you soon! Take care, be well, xo Kelly

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Potato and Corn Soup

Course Appetizer, dinner, lunch, Main Course, Soup
Author Kelly Djalali


  • 8 slices Cooked, chopped bacon
  • 1.5-2 lbs Small Red Potatoes
  • 8 ears Corn, sliced off the cob, or 1 bag of frozen corn
  • 2 tbsp Salted Butter
  • 2 cloves Garlic, minced
  • 1 diced Onion
  • 5 cups Chicken Broth, or water
  • 1/2-1 cup Milk, cream or half and half
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Old Bay seasoning to taste
  • Fresh jalapeño slices optional


  1. Bake bacon a 350 degree oven until crispy.

  2. Slice corn off cobs and set aside.

  3. Cut potatoes into 1" pieces.

  4. Take 1 tbsp of bacon grease and the 2 tbsp butter and melt in a soup pot over medium heat.

  5. Add onions and garlic and cook just until translucent.

  6. Add corn, potatoes, broth and seasonings.

  7. Bring to a boil and simmer about 15-20 minutes, until potatoes are fork tender.

  8. Turn off heat and remove 1/4 - 1/2 of potatoes and corn and set aside.

  9. Use an immersion blender to puree the remaining soup in the pot.

  10. Add milk and continue blending until desired consistency is achieved. Add more milk if necessary to get a smooth consistency.

  11. Taste and season with more salt, pepper or Old Bay if needed.

  12. Add the reserved potatoes, corn, chopped bacon and jalapeño slices, stir to combine.

  13. Ladle into bowls, top with more bacon, or cheese, scallions, or parsley...whatever you like!

Recipe Notes

It's a bit extra, but if you want even more flavor and texture, take your reserved potatoes and crisp them up in a skillet with some butter, thyme and oregano before adding them to the pureed soup.


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  1. Carroll Niesen wrote:

    I enjoy making potato soup during the winter. I am going to borrow from your version to change things up!

    Posted 9.5.20
    • Wonderful, Carroll! Let me know how your recipe comes out with the modifications you make! I love to pick and choose ingredients or strategies to try new things. So fun! Take care, thank you for tuning in this week, xo Kelly

      Posted 9.5.20
  2. Rosemary Leon wrote:

    5 stars
    Delicious! Your enthusiasm and love for cooking comes through in your posts. Thanks a million from Texas.

    Posted 9.5.20
    • Thank you, Rosemary! I am so happy that you can feel my enthusiasm through my writing, it’s a very important part of cooking, for me. Thank you for reading and writing in today, xo Kelly

      Posted 9.5.20
  3. Margaret Hunter wrote:

    Love your Saturday posts Kelly! Keep up the good work.

    Posted 9.5.20
    • Thanks so much, Margaret! Have a great weekend, xo Kelly

      Posted 9.5.20
  4. Stephanie Bailey wrote:

    We love making another dinner or soup from leftovers!
    This soup looks terrific with the crispy potatoes addition & old bay.
    I have corn cob broth & chicken broth frozen for my last batch of chicken corn soup this week.
    Thanks Kelly, your posts are so well done

    Posted 9.5.20
    • Hi Stephanie, Thank you so much! The crispy potatoes really take it up a notch! Your chicken corn soup sounds delicious…perfect for these last days of summer! Thank you for reading the post and writing in today, have a lovely Labor Day weekend. xo Kelly

      Posted 9.5.20
  5. Julie Greene wrote:

    Hi Kelly,

    This soup sounds delicious! I had to laugh, I would have those crisped up potatoes eaten before they ever hit the soup.

    Have a wonderful weekend. I am sure there will be lots of delicious food on the agenda.


    Posted 9.5.20
    • Ha! It’s true, Julie…a few of the crispy potatoes managed to miss their debut in the soup! We are planning a Labor Day bbq…menu TBD! You have a wonderful Labor Day, too. xo Kelly

      Posted 9.5.20
    • Sylvia Espinoza wrote:

      5 stars
      It’s Saturday night and am almost AWOL commenting on yet another fantastic recipe! You’re so gifted in the art of cooking, Kelly. Thank you for sharing your passion. Last week’s Persian recipe was delightfully unique. With many August birthdays in my life, time slipped away and I did not compliment you. But I’m watching for your post every Saturday morning. Sending two weeks’ worth of hugs your way this week. A great Labor Day holiday to you and yours~

      Posted 9.5.20
      • You’re too kind, Sylvia! Thank you so much for the hugs and your wonderful support! Have a wonderful Labor Day –see you next week! xo Kelly

        Posted 9.6.20
  6. Julie Greene wrote:

    Hi Kelly,

    This soup sounds delicious! I had to laugh, I would have those crisped up potatoes eaten before they ever hit the soup.

    Have a wonderful weekend…I am sure there will be lots of delicious food on the agenda!


    Posted 9.5.20
  7. Eva Popovich wrote:

    5 stars
    I love recipes like these, with ideas for the leftovers. Usually, this is the way my mind works and I make this kind of thing all the time, but sometimes I just need another viewpoint for more ideas.
    PS Right now I am spending some time with my 3 teenage grandchildren, so any leftovers there were when I went to bed last night may have disappeared by morning!

    Posted 9.5.20
    • Hello Eva, It is nice to have teens around to finish off the leftovers! I do so enjoy the challenge of creating new dishes and recipes from leftovers. It’s a wonderful accomplishment to create something the family enjoys from leftovers! Take care and enjoy your visit with your grandkids. xo Kelly

      Posted 9.5.20
  8. Deanna wrote:

    This sounds delicious, Kelly! I’m starting to think of cooler weather and the goodness of soup. Can you tell us about your 12 quart Cambro? What all do you use this for? Intriguing….

    Posted 9.5.20
    • Hi Deanna! Yeah, sure, the 12 quart Cambro is perfect for when you need to defrost something large in cold water, or let something sit in brine overnight, like a turkey. It’s also great for mixing a large volume of soup! I have really only used it for brining and defrosting. But it is so perfect for those needs. Thanks so much for your questions! Have a great weekend! xo Kelly

      Posted 9.5.20
  9. Terry wrote:

    I will have to try this version of potato soup.. it looks amazing. So happy Alex had a good birthday 🎂♥️

    Posted 9.5.20
    • It’s quite good, Mom I am sure you will like it! xo Kelly

      Posted 9.5.20
  10. Holly wrote:

    I really enjoy your recipes each week and print a lot out to save (can you include photo with printed recipe?). The photography, presentation and directions are always superb and classy! Not to mention the delish recipes! Yay! Can’t wait to try this soup 😋

    Posted 9.5.20
    • Hi Holly! Thanks so much for tuning in each week, I am so happy you enjoy the recipes. I will look into including a photo…when we have done that in the past, it changed the format of the recipe card and caused some issues, but I will see what we can do. Thank you for writing in today. Take care, xo Kelly

      Posted 9.5.20
  11. Ellen wrote:

    Kelly, I so identify with the creative joy found in using leftovers. I refuse to waste whatever is in my frig. The challenge to make fresh menus from assorted leftovers sometimes yields a meal so good that I think, “let’s do this sequence again, so we can get to HERE”. Isn’t it fun and satisfying?! You whet my appetite every week!

    Posted 9.5.20
    • Thank you so much, Ellen! Yes, it is a gratifying thing to create a masterpiece from leftovers! I am so glad to have a “leftovers” compatriot in you! Have a great Labor Day weekend, xo Kelly

      Posted 9.5.20
  12. Terry wrote:

    I made this on Wednesday, I just have to say huge hit gma really liked it.. I’ve made potato soup before which was good. But with the twist of grilled breakfast potatoes and the corn and bay seasoning really made it a great change. Definitely will make this again
    ♥️ Mom

    Posted 9.20.20
    • So glad you both like this one, Mom. I know Grandma loves soup! xo Kelly

      Posted 9.20.20

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