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  1. Carroll Niesen says:

    Love your tank! The color is perfect for you

    • Thanks so much, Carroll! We finally have some some sun here in Athens, so a tank felt appropriate today! 🙂 Thanks for reading today’s post, xo Kelly

  2. Sylvia Espinoza says:

    Hi, Kelly! Agree with Blog Sister Carroll that your tank top color is perfect for you. It’s a favorite color of mine, too. Your recipe today immediately brought back memories of being introduced to Smash Burgers by our very excited grandson who was about 6, now a member of the Class of 2020. He loved them and wanted us to try them. We enjoyed them so much and treasure the sweet memory of our intro to Smash Burgers. You’re a great teacher. Clear, direct instructions! Though I’ve been yearning for a thick, juicy homestyle burger, am tempted to relive the Smash Burger memory 🙂 This is off-subject, but recently discovered Audry Coyne on You Tube, who like Beth, shares fashion knowledge. She reminds me of you, and you remind me of her. Love that you girls are in my life now! Happy Weekend to you!~

    • Good morning, Sylvia, thank you so much for sharing such a lovely memory of your grandson (congrats to him, by the way!). I love hearing folks’ food memories, it often makes me reflect as well. I am so happy that you find my instructions clear; I often find recipes unclear so I try to be as clear as possible and to address any questionable instruction. Thank you again for writing in today, I enjoy hearing from you. I will look for Audry Coyne, Thanks again! xo, Kelly

      • Susan says:

        Kelly the burgers look so good. I have a small charcoal grill that I use for burgers. I might have to invest in a griddle. Thanks for sharing the yummy burgers.

        • Hi Susan, You will not regret buying a stove top griddle. They are wonderful for pancakes, fajitas…eggs, bacon…So many things. Thanks so much for reading today’s post. I do hope you give these burgers a try, they’re a keeper! Take care, xo Kelly

  3. Nancy Ekdahl says:

    Your food photography is very beautiful, really like art, & extremely difficult to do well. Congratulations on such skill

    • Thank you so much, Nancy! I am practicing a lot and it can be challenging! I do all the food photos with my iPhone, it’s amazing what our phones can do! Take care, have a great weekend! xo, Kelly

  4. Denise says:

    Enjoy your recipes and love the step by step instructions. Burgers on the menu tonight! Thanks!

    • Hi Denise! I am so happy you enjoyed today’s post; If you have a chance, drop me a line about how they turn out for you. Have a great weekend! xo Kelly

      • Denise says:

        Made your burger recipe with a few tweaks, I didn’t have American cheese so substituted mild cheddar. They were delicious, loved the special sauce! All the years I’ve been cooking and never owned a Mandoline slicer, ordered one last night! You rock!

        • Hi Denise! That’s so awesome you got a mandoline slicer! They are so helpful in the kitchen. Be sure to use the holder device to protect your fingers! I have had many nasty cuts from a mandoline, they are super sharp! I am so happy you made the smash burgers, cheddar is a perfect substitution for the American cheese. I am so glad you liked them! Thanks so much for tuning in and for dropping me a line to let me know you made the recipe! Makes me so happy! xo Kelly

  5. Arna says:

    We are definitely going to try this. We love burgers on the grill. I think we have all the equipment we need. Thank you for these great step by step instructions.

    • Hello Arna, I am so happy you will give this recipe a try! It’s simple, but so good. Let me know how you like them! Have a lovely weekend, xo Kelly

  6. This was interesting. Love burgers and now I am hungry for a Smash burger. Thanks.

  7. Beth Crawford says:

    I have a Lodge griddle with a ridged side and a flat side. The flat side usually gets used for pancakes, but I will be using it soon for these burgers. They look amazing !! Thank you for showing us exactly how you do your set up it will be so easy to follow your examples.

    • Hello Beth! …mmmmm pancakes…Griddles can seem like a lot of work in terms of set up and clean up, but every time I use ours, I always feel it’s worth it. Thanks so much for tuning in today. Let me know how your smash burgers come out for you! xo Kelly

  8. Cheryl says:

    Hi Kelly,
    These look so good!!!! Maybe. A bit unhealthy…but, still. A little bit of oil and fat once in awhile won’t kill us.
    Going to try these soon. This recipe is a keeper.
    As is your recipe for German Potato Salad from last week. One of my Mom’s best friends was German and made a terrific warm potato salad, much like yours. She died before I ever got the recipe, so I’m going to keep yours and say it’s my Aunt Vera’s. Thank you.
    Stay healthy. Keep cooking! 😷

    • Hi Cheryl, definitely a bit on the unhealthy side of the spectrum, but you’re right, a little bit every now and then is ok. I am honored the German potato salad will live on in your house as your Aunt Vera’s 🙂 Thank you so much for your wonderful support. xo Kelly

  9. Judi Hume says:

    Those smashburgers look delicious! I love your recipe posts and find them very helpful and inspiring!

    • Thanks so much Judi! It makes me very happy to share my ideas with you, and that you find them helpful and inspiring. Be well and have a great weekend! xo Kelly

  10. Suzanne Smith says:

    Oh, my mouth is watering. So simple, but I can almost smell them. Yum. I love the idea of the bacon press! Thanks for the drool session here! I’m totally in!

    • Yay Suzanne! You have to try these burgers! They’re so good! Thanks so much for tuning in today, I really appreciate your wnoderful support 🙂 xo Kelly

  11. Karen in Texas says:

    Hi Kelly, we can’t wait to try your smash burgers! They remind me of the flat top burgers at the Camellia Grill in New Orleans. We ordered a slice of pecan pie there, and they heated the pecan pie on the flat top too—it was divine!

    • Hi Karen, pecan pie on a flat top sounds amazing! Thanks so much for sharing your memory, New Orleans is a wonderful city – so much to see, and eat! Take care and have a great Sunday! xo Kelly

  12. Terry says:

    Kelly, I’m going to make this today, I’ll let you know how they turn out..they look so delicious yummm

  13. Lynn says:

    Are the pickles you use on the burgers sweet or dill?

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