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  1. Carolyn says:

    Sounds delicious. Plus anything with artichokes and olives is a winner to me. Can’t wait to try this. Thanks, Kelly.

  2. Sylvia Espinoza says:

    Wonderful reminder of the flavors and benefits of the Mediterranean diet. You’re amazing, Kelly! I hope to try this mouth-watering recipe soon. Got to enjoy two weeks’ worth of Mediterranean foods while in Israel in ’05. Unforgettable! Thanks for this week’s inspiration~

    • Hi Sylvia, happy Saturday to you! How wonderful it must have been to travel to Israel. Thank you so much for writing in today, I really enjoy hearing from you. Let me know how you like this recipe, xo Kelly

  3. Carroll says:

    This looks wonderful and I’ll bet it would also be great with fish.

  4. Denise Worthington says:

    Hi Kelly,
    This sounds wonderful, although I’ll do it with boneless chicken breasts, yes, I’m a rebel! Love the combination of artichokes, olives and chickpeas, I’ll be making the recipe this week, all the ingredients are in my pantry and freezer. I enjoy your Saturday blog posts, thanks Kelly!

    • Hi Denise, I say go with what you like! Chicken Breasts are just fine! I think it would be good without chick altogether – go vegetarian 🙂 Do let me know how you like the recipe when you make it this week. Take care and thanks so much for taking the time to write in, I really appreciate your support! xo Kelly

  5. Eileen says:

    We tried the Chicken W/artichokes&olives today; absolutely scrumptious! A real keeper for sure.
    Just wanted to say how much I look forward to your posts. Your editorial style and cooking are spot on! I’ve tried most of the recipe posts and each successive one is more wonderful than the last. Thanks so much for sharing all of your cumulative tips which you’ve gathered along the way. Everyone is unique, appreciated, and so delicious.
    The current recipe reminds me of a dish which my husband and I love from a favorite restaurant in Coeur d’alene, ID, The White House, where authentic Greek food is served. Our favorite is The Spring Bowl – onions, garlic, chick peas, chopped peppers over a bed of risotto with largish chunks of chicken arrayed around the perimeter of the bowl with crusty buttered garlic bread. If you’ve a recipe for it I’d love to try your spin on it.
    Best, Eileen

    • Hello Eileen, thank you so much for your kind words. It really makes me happy to know that you make and enjoy the recipes! I haven’t had a dish like the one you describe, but it sounds delicious. I will definitely play around with that and see what i can come up with! Thank you for sharing it with me. Thanks again for writing in, I love to hear from Beth’s readers and that y’all are enjoying my Saturday posts, take care and have a great rest of your week. See you Saturday! xo Kelly

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