6 Easy Recipes Starring Eggs

  1. Polin says:

    What exactly is “kosher” salt? Is it jewish? Never heard about it. I’m using Himalaya salt

    • What a great question, Polin. Kosher salt is known for its larger grains. Larger grains mean it’s easier to use with your hands (adding a “pinch” of salt), it’s harder to over-salt your food with the larger grains, and it’s widely used in professional kitchens.
      Kosher salt isn’t Jewish, but it got its name because historically, it was the kind of salt used in koshering meats. (Its larger grains drew out more moisture from the meat.)
      Himalayan Pink Salt is a great choice because it’s unrefined, making it more of a natural salt. If a recipe calls for kosher salt, use about 3/4 of the amount of your unrefined salt. I hope that clears things up! xo Kelly

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