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it’s Wednesday, gang, halfway through the week! that’s an accomplishment in and of itself these days. right?! many of you have asked if i am growing out the ‘mop’, and yes, i am growing it into a chin-length bob. good timing as haircuts will be few and far between for the foreseeable future. it’s definitely in that in-between stage where i typically give up and chop it all off… but there’s no acting on impulse this go around, so i’m in it to win it. or at least get it to the length it needs to be. thank goodness for trivial problems. it’s the normalcy of life that gets us through.

many of you have also asked for blog posts that share ‘what to wear when working from home’ or ‘how to work from home in style’.  and i’m happy to share an outfit or two in the coming weeks on that subject.  yesterday, we took a look at some timeless classics, sure to give you some fashion inspiration as you work from home. athleisure wear is definitely an option and super comfy. but i also love to wear a good pair of denim while working at home. and while i might not notice extra pounds creeping up on me when wearing sweatpants, blue jeans sound the ‘too tight’ alarm immediately. one thing we don’t want to happen while spending more time at home is weight gain. keeping a stable weight is important to our overall health and immune system. so a trusty pair of blue jeans will keep you in check if your fridge mysteriously opens once too often during the day.

how to work from home in style

today’s ootd is easy peasy to throw together and perfect for this time of year when the temps fluctuate. it all begins with a pair of dark rinse denim from Ann Taylor. next is a gray tee that can fly solo if the temps are warm. but it’s been on the chilly side in Athens the past few days, so i reached for a cashmere v-neck sweater from Everlane that’s comfy and chic. a pair of cheetah smoking slippers amp up the volume (old Madewell, similar here and here), and a black handbag (old Ralph Lauren, similar here and here) seamlessly blends in. working from home never looked so good.

a look at my bedroom

although i have a home office and spend many, many hours there, i also like to roam around the house. wi-fi makes life so much easier. so if i need a change of scenery i just pack up my laptop and switch locations. these days, it seems my first choice is my bedroom, which i’ve revamped in recent months. Marimekko bedding from Nordstrom is just so dang cheerful that i couldn’t resist investing in a duvet and shams. it sets the tone of the room. striped organic sheets from West Elm, pom-pom quilt from Ballard Designs, Euro shams (old, similar here) from Williams Sonoma and Euro size pillows (i always choose the super euro) from Bloomingdale’s complete the bedding ensemble. the nightstand lamp is Kate Spade (old, similar here).

this pink chair (old, similar here) from Wayfair used to sit in our guestroom, but when i redecorated the master bedroom, i snagged it. it’s a comfortable spot to read a book or work on my laptop. the artwork is from all three prints are from Andy Warhol. the brass table is from Pottery Barn, and the lamp is Kate Spade (old, similar here)

denim | tee | sweater | similar shoes | heart necklace | necklace | earrings

similar chair | table | similar lamp | art

Marimekko duvet | Marimekko shams | similar quilt | similar Euro shams | striped sheets | potted plant


there are faux and real potted plants scattered throughout the house. but i always have a fresh bouquet of flowers in each room. 

staying organized

love the charging station that’s built into the nightstand (old, similar here and here). it keeps me powered throughout the day.

Marimekko duvet | Marimekko shams | similar quilt | similar Euro shams | striped sheets | potted plant

three of our favorite dogs through the years – Bosco the Bouvier, Buster the Bulldog, and Oscar, the German Shepherd.

all of my buttons are stored in a glass jar. and my favorite fragrance to date is Chance from Chanel.

all right, ladies, it’s Wednesday and that’s a look at how to work from home in style. time to put a smile on someone’s face, including yours.


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  1. Sangita M wrote:

    I too have short hair and on my way to a bob! It looks good on you. Love the bright and cheery colors on the bed. You’ve inspired me to do the same! Thanks Beth.Be safe and stay healthy

    Posted 3.25.20
    • good luck with your hair. we can do this!

      Posted 3.25.20
  2. Cynthia Johnson wrote:

    Where did you get the night table, please? I like the charging station built in.

    Posted 3.25.20
    • the nightstand is no longer available but i linked two similar ones in the post. hope this helps.

      Posted 3.25.20
  3. Cassandra wrote:

    Very nice. Where did you buy your nightstand? Thanks.

    Posted 3.25.20
    • the nightstand has been discontinued but i linked two very similar nightstands in the post. hope this helps.

      Posted 3.25.20
      • Kathy Ludgate wrote:

        Not going for a bob as I am a pixie cut gal. But will see what I look like after eight weeks, for the first time in ten years, I will see just how gray I really am, too. Love your duvet. So cheerful.

        Posted 3.25.20
  4. Rory wrote:

    Thanks for sharing! Your room is beautiful!

    Posted 3.25.20
    • it’s such a cheerful room to wake up to. thanks for stopping by.

      Posted 3.25.20
  5. Cindy D. wrote:

    Beth, cannot wait to see your hair grown into a bob. You have such nice hair. Thank you for your upbeat posts during this trying time.

    Posted 3.25.20
    • thanks so much for stopping by, cindy! we’re in this thing together.

      Posted 3.25.20
  6. Pam wrote:

    I always find it interesting that although your clothing style is very traditional and classic, your decorating style seems to be very modern. My hair is over due for a cut and color. I guess I’ll see how much gray I really have.

    Posted 3.25.20
    • both home and personal style are very similar. both are grounded in the classics but i’ll throw in trends, pattern mixing, bright colors to keep things fresh and modern.

      Posted 3.25.20
  7. Lynne wrote:

    Aw, Shalimar, my first love!

    Posted 3.25.20
    • that’s my evening fragrance. mr. style loved it!

      Posted 3.25.20
  8. Kathy wrote:

    I love your post and I am definitely using your idea of the button jar. I have been on a cleaning and organizing frenzy since I now finally have the time. Thanks for all the little ideas that we can incorporate into our own lives without having to spend a lot of money or even using things we already have! Stay safe

    Posted 3.25.20
  9. Peg weir wrote:

    Hi Beth,

    Your bedroom is so smart and beautiful. You have inspired me to get out of my sweats and get properly dressed. I find that doesn’t happen as I am so aware nobody (husband excepted) is coming in and I certainly won’t be going out.
    Thanks for beautiful photos, boosting my mood, and words of wisdom.
    Stay well,

    Posted 3.25.20
  10. Jane McCourt wrote:

    I love your blog. We are birds of a feather! I just turned 60 last September and stumbled across your site right around my birthday. Your message is refreshing.. you can be stylish at any age and true style is timeless.
    I have found this currently challenging time that we are living in to be so interesting in that we are literally seeing how people live. Thanks for the tour of your private space. Its is lovely and comfortable looking.

    Posted 3.25.20
  11. Kathye wrote:

    The sheers partially covering the window are lovely? Can you list where they were purchased? Thank you.

    Posted 3.25.20
  12. Julie Mycock wrote:

    Hi Beth, I love the bright colours in your bedroom and helps to bring some cheer in these difficult times, thank you for sharing. Hoping you manage to persevere with your Bob, although haircuts as you say will be few and far between if at all so it will make it easier for you, although I still like you with short hair. Take care and be safe xoxo

    Posted 3.25.20
  13. Carol M. wrote:

    Two things I love in this post – the “button jar” and the polka dot lamp! Being stuck in the house, I’m going to organize all those extra buttons from dresser drawers and cabinets today! Thank you for so many practical and useful ideas. Love your blog, especially Fridays with Oscar :D.

    Posted 3.25.20
  14. Andrea wrote:

    Your love of life shows through in your colour choices…joy
    Love the new hair style, we will all look much different hen it’s over…I joke that I’m going to do braids🤣 your face shape is very similar to Helen Mirrens and Princess Diana.. Check out Helens different styles for lengths, but also Id’s behind the ear looks later in her life. You are both fortunate to have thick curly hair. Good luck with the hair journey💇‍♀️

    Posted 3.25.20
  15. Carolyn wrote:

    Your hair will look great no matter what you do!
    I have a bob and my stylist helped it along and removed all my color then added highlights. I’m just glad I’d already committed to not coloring my hair dark anymore.
    Love that Marimekko! Remember it from the 70’s. I’m ordering the blue even though I really love the red. Blue will match better but still make me happy.

    Thanks for continuing to blog. Look forward to you every day.

    Posted 3.25.20
  16. Leanne wrote:

    You look so pretty today!

    Posted 3.25.20
  17. Carroll Niesen wrote:

    Lovely bedroom! I love that pink pillow in the front. Where did you get it?

    Posted 3.25.20
  18. Lisa Ledbetter wrote:

    This is my first EVER comment on a blog but you are so familiar you have become dear to me. My heart ached for you when Mr. Style died and i regret that I didn’t comment at that time. But here i am just to tell you that you make my day with each of your posts – i feel like i am tuning in to a good friend. Take good care of you.
    Lisa Ledbetter, Carrollton GA

    Posted 3.25.20
  19. Cindy W wrote:

    Your bedroom is so lovely and it truly speaks you. You put a classic outfit on, then throw in a pair of fuchsia flats or maybe a red purse; your home decor style reflects the same…classic (and somewhat glam!) with the unexpected and happy accent pieces. My own style is similar, ie classic pieces with playful prints or bold accents that make me smile. Thank you for the creativity you are sending out during these current times of isolation. I’m looking forward to gathering bouquets from my backyard soon.

    Posted 3.25.20
  20. Sylvia Espinoza wrote:

    Beth, you’re stunning in the second and last pics today! LOVE the look. Just love it. You do have beautiful hair that falls in place so nicely, even as it grows longer. Lucky! Keep staying safe. Love and cyber hugs to you and all the style blog sisters. Press on! ~

    Posted 3.25.20
    • Toni wrote:

      I had a dog.named Boscoe. 🙂
      Love your bedroom!

      Posted 3.25.20
  21. Cheryl wrote:

    Beth ,
    Thank you for keeping us sane while we all cocoon at home. I’m an only child, and an introvert, so this hasn’t been THAT bad, I’m used to being by myself, but still….
    One thing I do have to comment on…your hair! I LOVE the style you have now. I have a bob, been wearing one for years, and wish I could rock shorter hair like you do. I tend to look like an upside down exclamation mark when I do cut my hair short.
    But, we women do crave change, so good luck with the new’re right. Now is a perfect time to grow it out. I’ve been hearing from friends that many are trying to grow out to gray as well.
    When we all come out of our cocoons and turn into butterflies, it’s going to be an interesting world, no?
    Stay safe and healthy. ❤️

    Posted 3.25.20
  22. Paula wrote:

    Love your hair, Beth!

    Posted 3.25.20
  23. shirley simkus wrote:

    love your posts! so uplifting!!!!!


    Posted 3.25.20
  24. Eve wrote:

    I love these tours. You have such a beautiful but comfortable looking home. Not just magazine ready but livable. I love the bright colors.
    I am into my jeans and shirt mode right now. It is 80 here today so no sweaters but a tank with light shirt is perfect. I prefer some type of slide on shoe since I am up and down so much now during my spring cleaning, trying to get things organized and spiffed up for a hot summer I know is coming. Thank you for your wonderful blog.

    Posted 3.25.20
  25. Cynthia wrote:

    Hi Beth,
    Hope that you & your family are well.
    Your bright cheery Marimekko duvet & pillows must put a smile on your face, especially during gray, rainy days.
    Why did you chose to end your White/cream curtain at the top of the black line instead of ending at the floor?
    Thank you.

    Posted 3.25.20
  26. Gwen Marie Ewing wrote:

    I absolutely love your headboard and side rails! The colors are lovely!

    Posted 3.25.20
  27. Suzanne M Smith wrote:

    Nice bright colors! It looks great. We’re all spending time moving from room to room inside. Lots of memes online teasing about that. We also have flowers here all over–we have camellias right now as that’s what’s blooming in the garden. We have plants year-round and so there’s always color to be had from the yard. I love it.

    Posted 3.26.20
  28. Laurie wrote:

    Thank you for posting every day! I really love reading your blogposts! Your bedroom is perfection. I’ve saved these photos, maybe someday. My kids had Marimekko bedrooms when they were little. I’ve always loved their designs. Also, I’m a big fan of Lagos jewelry and love how you’ve styled it!

    Posted 3.26.20
  29. Marlene wrote:

    I’m wondering if you could show us how you store necklaces.

    I have so many and I find if they are out of sight, I don’t wear them.

    I have tried so many storage ideas and can’t seem to find one that works best.

    Thank you!


    Posted 3.26.20
  30. Pat wrote:

    Where did you put your orange chair? I love it! Love your style.

    Posted 3.27.20
  31. Trudi wrote:

    After loving that bedding since the 70’s I finally got it and redid our bedroom this winter. Could you share the source for the doggy drawings? I would love something like those. Thanks and stay well!

    Posted 3.27.20
  32. Rhon wrote:

    Thank you for your blog!
    I enjoy it all- so classy and elegant!

    Posted 3.31.20

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