how to lose weight the faster way

  1. Marcia Fishman says:

    Have been doing Pilates twice a week for about 8 years or more! Great exercise. Have had back issues for a while and have added a trainer to also help build up back and strengthen the glutes

    • Beth Djalali says:

      i can’t say enough good things about pilates. that is if you have a good trainer. it’s so important to check out your studio and their credentials. that’s fantastic that you have a trainer to boot. weight training is sooo important. xo

  2. Bonnie Schulte says:

    Altho, I haven’t been commenting lately, I want you to know I’m still reading your blog daily. I just want to tell you that you are looking wonderful, and congratulations on your weight loss. The first photo of you above is amazing! Love all of your different styles, and love Fridays with beautiful Oscar.

  3. Shawn says:

    Thanks for the info! Also, where did you get those adorable shoes?

  4. Mary Lou Bukowski says:

    Thank you for the encouragement. I’ve turned 67 in February and have embarked on a new journey for me – working out with a trainer 2 times a week. This is my first week and have two session under my belt. Although I’m sore today it’s a great feel knowing I’m doing something good for me.

  5. Suzanne Smith says:

    Looking good! I’m such a firm believer that it is lifestyle, not “diet,” per se. That’s great you’re keeping up with it. I have my second knee surgery Monday, and I so hope I can soon go a lot longer than I can with this one remaining bad knee. The good news is–the body really does want to heal itself! If you support its efforts, improvement is amazing.

  6. Suzanne Smith says:

    Love the shoes! Where’d you find those? Looking good, Beth! Keep it up.

  7. Traci Runge says:

    I love those shoes you’re wearing in the cover photo! Are those a pilates shoe? Or a minimalist running shoe? Or just cute shoes?

  8. Love, love that you’re into this on the blog! I’ve combatted the fat since my teenage years, tried many approaches, excercised my heart out and always remained on the edge-not too fat, but overweight… I studied and reflected on my experiences to get where you seem to be. It’s a life style and science has proven much. Now, retired at 62 and 5’0”, I’m slimmer than ever. I’m a regular at the gym; mainly with Les Mills Body Pump and BodyFlow and I stay active in recreation as well it iTools know it’s 80/20 diet over exercise and eat accordingly. At our age, I can’t share enough of what I’ve learned and it just makes me happy to see you reaching the audience you do, with this message!!

  9. LRW says:

    I’m so happy you found what works for you! I found Keto&Yoga and have not looked back 🙂

  10. Nicki says:

    Love this post! If you want to stay healthy, wealthy and wise, you have to exercise. I’m 5 ft tall and 72 years old. I’ve exercised all my life. I go to to the YMCA 4/5 days a week, play golf, and walk my dog every day. My goal is 10,000 steps a day. I don’t always make it, but come close most days. Do I have the occasional aches and pains? I sure do … but I’m loving life and that’s all that matters.

  11. You look good! You are a beautiful lady. But don’t lose any more weight!

  12. Kelly says:

    I love everything about this post! I had so many back and hip problems that doctors told me surgery was my only option. I started Pilates in August. I have private sessions to address my personal issues. It is a game changer! I can walk more than 5 feet without pain and I am getting my life back. I’m heading over to check out the link because this sounds like just what I have been looking for. Thank you!

  13. Julie Mycock says:

    Hi Beth, thank you for updating on your fitness routine. I do think it’s a lifestyle in which case I think it makes it easier to keep at it whatever your choice. I eat healthily, and I do some Pilates and Yoga, we have places that do Pilates classes here in England but they don’t seem to have any that have the machines, not where I live anyway, so I improvise with the bands. Where there’s a will there’s a way as they say. You are looking great, x 👍

  14. Kristine says:

    Please tell- what brand are those shoes in pic one? You look great— your hard work really shows!

  15. SUSAN says:

    Your post came at a good time for me. We have started to go back and forth between Texas and California residences and it has played havoc with my fitness routine. I just don’t like how I look and I hate the thought of loosing ground as I enter the last year of sixties… I signed up. Wish me luck!

  16. Laura Toler says:

    I turned 65 in March. I started my fitness journey January 2016. Originally I was attending the YMCA 4 days a week taking mat Pilates and a weight class in addition to walking 2 miles after class. Our wonderful YMCA is 4 years old and faces the river walk so it is easy to walk 2 miles. September 2017, I started Reformer Pilates. I am hooked!! I attend classes 2X a week in addition to attending my classes at the Y. Fortunately an assistant at the Reformer Pilates Studio is now teaching the mat Pilates class at the Y. She is certified so I get a good workout. I can truthfully say if you do Reformer Pilates on a regular basis you will see positive changes to your body.

  17. Pamela Murray says:

    You look wonderful in glasses! Due to a number of eye issues, I’ve had to give up contacts after 50 years–it was encouraging to see your bespectacled photo.

  18. suzanne robertson says:

    If you want to lessen or even get rid of your arthritis try a plant based diet. You will loose all the inflamation in your body which come from being too acidic. Our acidity come from eating foods full of toxins and boy are they hard to avoid. Its tough at first but after a couple of weeks things get a whole lot better. I added in a little grass fed/hormone free protein and that helped. I’m 70 and my indigestion is gone, I sleep like a rock and I take NO meds. It sounds a bit radical but… it works! (Watch Forks Over Knives, on Netflix)

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