tailgate snacks for football season

  1. Paula says:

    Beth, some more great recipes. I’m going to give these a try. They look really easy! Also love the Talbots outfit. They have such nice clothes. I might get a pair of the shoes.
    Have a great weekend!! Football weekends are the best!

  2. What a cute casual outfit. Time for me to
    get my leggings out for the fall. I do love them. So comfortable around the house.
    Happy Labor Day weekend.

  3. Debra Cervelli says:

    Hi Beth, this question is off the subject, but we just lost our 18 year old long haired tabby, who looked so much like Ollie. I was wondering if you could share where you got her. We live in northeast
    Florida, but would be willing to travel to adopt a new little soul. I love that you share pictures and stories about your fur babies!

  4. Sylvia Espinoza says:

    Yet another fantastic post filled with inspiration! You, your OOTD offering, snack and drink offerings all wonderful, with magnificent-looking Oscar stealing the show! After long, hot summer, feeling self come to life with Fall before us~

  5. Eve says:

    Oscar gets more beautiful as he gets older, like his Mom! Comfortable looking shoes.
    Everyone around here takes their boat out on Labor Day. So, do you think shrimp would keep in ice chest?

    • Beth Djalali says:

      aww, you made my day! but oscar is a handsome fella. i think the shrimp should be fine! it’s a great recipe so try it even if it doesn’t make it to the boat.

  6. maeve says:

    I love everything about this post, especially Oscar. I am totally addicted to popcorn, so yours will be gameday snack for next Sunday. Animal print leggings are way outside my comfort zone, but maybe. I have a burnt orange top that might go with them. Happy long weekend!

  7. Karen C Griffiths says:

    Yes! Love SEC football! Shouldn’t your recipe be called a Salty “Dawg”?? 🙂

  8. SC Lady says:

    Great post – except
    “Go Tigers” !!!

  9. Carol says:

    Beth–I, too, live in a college town and know the excitement that comes with football weekends. It’s too bad that much of the season is played when it’s still in reality summer, so that many of the foods that we associate with tailgating seem to heavy or hot.
    And why don’t we have basketball menus? There are many more games in a season and the weather can be pretty variable going from late fall thru’ winter to spring (if! your team goes into title play) .
    Autumn is my favorite season for fashion alone, much less the foods with more depth of flavor, so I’ve always looked forward to and enjoyed the changing of the temps and the changing of the colors…….

    Have fun!

  10. Nancy says:

    The shrimp and popcorn recipes sound delicious! Two of my favorite foods. Thanks for the recipes. And may you and the handsome Oscar enjoy this Labor Day weekend!

  11. Love the casual leggings outfit. Just right for lounging around the house. Time to get my leggings out. Fall is in the air.
    Oscar is such a beautiful dog!

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